Workout Apps for iPhone

Workout Apps for iPhone To Make Sure You Are Fit and Sparkling

Workout Apps for iPhone To Make Sure You Are Fit and Sparkling

It has been rightly quoted that a healthy mind lives in a healthy Body. For the iPhone lovers, there are tons of Workout Apps for iPhone through which you can keep yourself fit and have a sparkling face.

It is no doubt that you need a professional physician to make sure you are getting the right medication. But at the same time, you can have these apps installed to make sure that you follow your exercise schedule or much more.

So, pick out one of these apps and get your body in shape.

Best Workout Apps for iPhone 2016

#1. Lose It [ Free ]

lose it


This tracker would help you by merging your working journal along with the food diary. I know, that the data entry thing can get tedious at sometimes, but the good part is the food library which is extensive and has brand names in generic categories like coffee, fruit, and chicken. Each and every food type has the correct nutritional information like fiber, fat, protein, carb, calories, and much more that can be tracked and then you can calculate how many calories you intake, how many have you burned and how much you should eat in the day. The app also has one graph that displays how much weight you have lost so far.

#2. GoodFoodNearYou [ Free ]


This app is perfect for those travel quite frequently. The app consistently recommends you the healthy food options nearby your location based upon GPS tracking. The app usually targets dining restaurants, grocery stores, fast food restaurants and convenience stores which are located nearby.

Once you tap any of these suggestions, you’d get a lengthy list of healthy items consisting necessary food nutritional information such as fat, carb, and calorie totals. After checking out this information, you can decide on a place and let the inbuilt map guide up to that place.

#3. NutritionTips [ Free ]

nutrition tips

Were you aware of the fact that even the leanest beef cuts include roasts and steaks ? or did you know that after you cut a melon, it should be thrown after 2 hours ? There are lot more facts than this which are covered by this colorful and vibrant app. The app currently holds more than 500 other facts which would help you to enjoy a healthy and safe diet. Each and every tip is mentioned on a sleek post it types thing. Users are asked to swipe the page or shake their iPhone to get a new fact.

#4. RunKeeperPro [ Paid ]


This app is most frequently compared with the Nike+ application which is compatible only with 3G smartphones and offers a tracking system for hikers, cyclists, and runners. ( Although Nike+ is only specific for runners ). The app makes use of GPS technology in order to track your speed and route and then automatically uploads this data to the official website after you finish the workout.

Users can log in and view the history of all their activities, and also see the exact path where they traveled. The app even lets them view their elevation. From here you can also share your progress on Facebook or Twitter through a built-in option. The app also offers a free version.

#5. C25k [ Paid ]


The app has an appropriate name. Its name means Couch to 5k – the perfect app for the guys who are comparatively new to the jogging world. The app provides up a 9 Week regimen, which breaks down to 3 Days a week, and further into guides of mini sessions of 30-40 minute sessions. Each of this session has been designed to improve you.

For example The 1st week would call for a 60 second of running, 90 second of walking and 20 minutes warm up and cool down session. In the second week, this time, increases to 90 Seconds of running,  2 minutes of walking. This intensity continues to increase every week. The app also has an audio prompter which tells you whether it is time to walk or run so that you can focus on important things.

#6. iTreadmill [ Paid ]


If you are too busy and stacked up to hit the gym, switch to this app, keep the iPhone in your pocket and spend the day normally as you would while it accurately tracks down your steps, average speed and distance. The majority of the pedometers usually aren’t equipped to work in purses and pockets. They have to be carried with a belt strap or something similar, but this app works fine in purses and pockets.

Work Office Productivity Apps For iPhone 2016

Users can even set up a pacer dial which would help you in picking off the beats to keep up the marching speed. The counter would automatically pause once you stop and start again if you start moving again.

#7. GymGoal ABC [ Free ]


This app is awesome if you want to learn the basics of weight lifting for the gym you are about to hit. The app has whopping 280 exercises fulfilled with numerous animations and instructions. The app also has 52 workout routines which can be adjusted according to the 4 levels of expertise and also provides you the ability to add images on your own.

Although you can’t log down your daily routine, but there are calculators that can compute your heart rate, body fat, BMR, and BMI.

#8. FitnessBuilder[ Paid ]


The app is priced a bit on the higher side but can be truly considered as the father of all the fitness apps mentioned. The app consists of over 200 workouts from which exercises would be picked up automatically in order to create the best session for you.

If this was not enough, it also comes loaded with around 20000 videos and images, tracking capabilities, fitness timers and an arsenal of calculators. If you update the app at a minimum price of $4.99 for a month, you’d straightly double the number of videos.

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