Work office productivity apps

Work Office Productivity Apps For iPhone To Boost Your Productivity

Work office productivity apps

If you are a writer, designer or anyone in the service sector, you’d agree that work office productivity apps can certainly be a great help. As a writer, I’ve felt that when I stick to my fixed schedule, I tend to get more work done compared to any other day.

The key is being productive. No doubt that it starts with passion first, but after that, you’ve to carry it on your own. However, iPhone apps can be a great help to you. Below are some apps that you can install and use to be productive while working.

Best Work Office Productivity Apps For iPhone 2016

#1. Word, Powerpoint & Excel

Word, Powerpoint & Excel

For productivity on the desktop, Microsoft’s suite of office programs has been a benchmark. It seems that the mobile version of these programs would continue the tradition. There are mobile versions of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel that have been designed to max compatibility with desktop versions. The interface, on the other hand, has been modified for touchscreen devices.

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#2. WPS Office

WPS Office

This software is formerly known as Kingsoft Office and is the most popular alternative to Office suite. You should get this app if you prefer an all in one app for all your office needs. This app supports a wide array of formats, such as MS office’s .doc, xl, and .ppt.

This app is a fully featured suite that you can use for creating and viewing documents. It also has tabbed document editing which can let you easily work on multiple files and cloud support is then available through Google drive and dropbox. There are some more services through which you can share your documents online.

#3. Outlook


This app can be called up as the powerhouse of mobile productivity. It brings together all things such as Contacts, Calendars, Attachments, and Emails. It has a built-in the engine that surfaces the most important emails from multiple accounts. The whole thing is decided on the base of your communications. You can triage your emails with its quick swipe controls.

You can sync your, Office 365, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo Mail accounts.

#4. CloudMagic


If you need a single app that covers a large number of email services and provides some power features parallel, go with this app. This awesome app supports Gmail, IMAP, Exchange, and iCloud. All of this is done in a unified inbox. The tool runs along a contextual cards system. The system allows you to send the mail to several popular tools such as SalesForce, ZenDesk and OneNote.

The tool has an awesome development team behind it that keeps adding new refinements. Such as recently they added support for Apple Wear as well.

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#5. Paper BY Fifty Three

paper by 53

This app started up as a drawing and notebook app, but after that, it has expanded its functions and included things such as checklists, annotations, and note taking as well. All of this is available alongside the drawing and analog feel. Users can bring together everything easily for organizing purpose. Once you are done with that, you can be export it into PDF for easy use later.

#6. Google Drive


The cloud storage from Google needs no introduction and serves as a great aid for productivity. It has a super easy integration with cloud and rest of its ecosystem. Users are capable of easily uploading and downloading files, and share files and collaborate on shared projects.

Some features that make it awesome include its sharing settings, the structure of folders, quick access that it provides to the file and details.

#7. Trello


This one is a highly customizable bulletin board which you can use to setup literally anything starting from lists, notes up to to-do tasks. Users are allowed to create “lists” ; these lists are dynamic containers whom you can fill with “cards”.

Now it depends on what you it fill it up with. You can fill it up using tasks, notes, pictures, ideas and much more. Users can drag and drop to set priority. Everything that you do can also be shared with other users as well.

#8. Slack


This app was built to take the conventional instant messaging to a new level by adding more power to group messaging. This tool covers up the basics of both IM and real-time messaging that gets synced across various devices.

The app also supports file sharing and direct & group messaging options. If this was not enough, you can also enjoy a stream of chat channels that can allow you to quick setup up groups or even sub-groups for a specific task or task specific discussion.

#9. Asana


Take this app to say good-bye to the hassle of tracking multiple email threads. With this app, you can put the project management of your team & communication all streamlined. This helps you save time by not having the need to coordinate over multiple email threads.

This app can assign tasks to individuals, create projects, comment, request, set deadlines and do more. This way it would be quite easy to look what is everyone supposed to do and when.

#10. Basecamp


This app has a long history of being a project management & team coordination tool. The company has always been refining its app and adding new features. Some of its awesome features include threaded messaging, pings, to-dos, document storage, and centralized scheduled.

#11. LastPass


Being a startup, we have tons of accounts and a different password for each of them. With so much to remember, it gets hard to manage passwords. This app has everything you need to get rid of password hassle.

It helps you make a strong password and auto fill in forms and login details. You can consistently update your files.

Conclusion – Mobile phones have always been pitched as the distractors at the workplace, but if used in the right way, they can certainly pump in more creativity in you.

Do let me know in the comments section down below if you too have some apps that help you boost your productivity and get things done quickly and efficiently.