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Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone - Top 9

Best video editing apps iphone 2016

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone – With mobiles getting more powerful every day many tasks like Learning, shopping etc that are once accessible only to PC’s are now taken over by mobile. Video editing is one such task mobiles are adapting quicker and simpler. Latest video editing apps are more powerful and feature rich than ever, and these are making Photo and video editing an easy and simple work to do even for not so tech savvy people.

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone


Do you like to create storytelling, narrating or family videos with titles, music, and video filters? then iMovie is the best video editing app.

iMovie comes with a lot of features present in its Mac version and many new features for iPhone. It had many movie trailer templates to create Hollywood style videos with professional designed graphics and background score. Users can directly add video, photos or music from the album or record and narrate directly from the app. There are many video filters, transitions, themes for titles and music to choose for your video.

Users can enhance their videos with video effects like fast forward, slow motion and image in image. iMovie can create 4K videos in latest iPhones and iPads, and users can directly upload to YouTube, Facebook or save to iCloud.

iMovie is the best movie maker app for iPhone, and it is also free for devices which are brought after September 2013.


Splice is a video editor app from GoPro which it had recently acquired along with another easy video editing app Quick. It is a professional video editing app similar to iMovie.

Splice is having many powerful video editing tools similar to desktop apps like cutting, trimming, colors, crop, resolution and more. App have vast collection of soundtracks and effects, it had video filters, narrate, transitions text overlays, speed control. Users can share videos to social networks in 1080p resolution. Splice is free to use not just the GoPro users but all the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users without any limitations, not a single one.

Splice is the best video editor for professionals with more powerful and efficient features than iMovie and many paid apps in App Store. GoPro’s other video editing app Quick is also a must app if you need fast editing with few clicks.


Magisto is a good video editing app for iPhone to make entertaining, short and fun videos. Magisto is a perfect app to create a family and home videos for teens and parents.

Magisto does not have many powerful tools like iMovie or Splice, but it had automation features which make easy to understand and use the app. Magisto is so simple to use that once you select photos, videos and music from mobile it gives you several templates to choose. Once choosing a template Magisto will do the work and creates an excellent video for you with filters, effects transitions and more. Magisto will regularly create videos automatically from your camera roll and give a notification.

Magisto can share videos directly to social media and YouTube accounts. Even though Magisto is free to install and use but users need to get paid account to download mp4 videos to mobile. With a 4.5 rating from 22k users, Magisto is the best video-making app for iPhone.

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Text On Video:

Text on Video is another cool video editing app for iPhone, as the name suggests its main feature is its creative way of adding text to videos.

Users can choose from hundreds of fonts and text designs with lots of graphics and add colors to them which makes the video attractive. You can add background music from your library. Users can download or share videos to Facebook and Instagram.

Text on video have a few paid features where you pay 2$ for each feature like download more fonts, unlock more tools and music features. Users can also pay 3$ to unlock all features at once. Text on Video is available for all to install for free in App Store.


Triller is a Music video maker app, it is created for those who like to create their own music video.

To create an awesome professional music video app users need to select their favorite app from app or mobile. Then you need to sing the song with sync and do what you think it suits the song like dancing, moving around or anything you like with sync. Don’t worry anyone will lose the sync with song and change the video, go to change whatever you like reshoot again and again and this is where Triller make the difference from other video apps. After completing shooting, you can select a filter from 14 given options.

Now Thriller creators had embedded an impressive algorithm in the app which creates a professional music video from editing all yours reshoots. It cuts the videos and stitches them multiple times to create an excellent syncing music video for you.


Videoshop is a powerful video editor app with many tools and features to create skilled videos in your iPhone.

Videoshop has all the tools required for a video editing apps, it had editing tools, music and sound effects, slow and fast motion, display settings like brightness, contrast, merger, voice overs, text overlays, transitions and more. It had some new features like reverse which plays videos in reverse, rotate videos, add tilt shift, stop motion to create Vine videos, Flip tool to flip videos. Users can share on many social media platforms.

Videoshop is the best video editing app if you are looking for a professional feature-rich video editing app for your iPhone or iPad.

Video FX Editor:

Looking to enhance your videos with special effects like flares, glitches, electric or similar graphic effects? Then Video FX Editor is the app you are looking for.

Video FX editor is a professional special effects editor app which had 100+ special effects to add to make your video look more feature rich. You can add titles,100’s of sound effects, filters and much more. Users can add videos directly from social media accounts and upload directly from the app.

The app is available for free to install in-app store. There are effects, fonts, filters and packs which are needed to be purchased to unlock more features of the app.


SpeedPro is video editing app for iPhone which is designed specially to create slow motion and fasten video.

SpeedPro had a simple user interface where you can choose your video from the camera roll and select the part of the video where you need to slow or faster. Then you can add a background music and export into the library. Users can also upload to YouTube and Instagram.

SpeedPro is available for free to install in App Store with no in-app purchases, and it is best video maker app for iPhone to create slow and fast motion videos.

Glitch Art:

Glitch Art edits video with glitch effects and sounds to your videos with many other tools to create stunning glitch videos. It is best glitch video editor app if the glitch is what you need for your videos.

Glitch Art had more than 100 glitch effects for users to choose from, users can add glitches to a particular region if they need, add glitch sounds and add text in the videos. Users can create many unique, beautiful and attractive videos using and exploring this app.

It had a rating of 4.5 stars from 12k reviews in the App Store. Glitch Art app is free to install for everyone but had much more other features and effects which users need to purchase.

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