We have already crossed a massive path of science and technological advancements, which have given us so many supports in our daily life, business and in the service sector. The invention of the computer and internet technology in the last quarter of the last century have paved the way for the modern day’s mobile phone, especially smartphone, which have been revolutionized, not only the communication systems but the entire gamut of industry and service sectors. In this sector, the Apple has already got the recognition and regarded as one of the most prominent entity in this particular segment. The Apple Watch is in the market for the last one year almost and having a great response from the enthusiasts from across the world, as this is already having more than 10000 apps of different nature, which are having versatile uses in almost every span of our lives. It is evident that all these apps are not great while some of them are not even suited for the Apple Watch and few of them are just petty useless, even the facebook app falls into this category, which is only notifying if there is any comment or notification.
But there are few more brilliant apps, prepared and compatible for the Apple Watch, which makes the device worth having and these are able to do some unique supports for the users in their daily life.
Some of these best apps for Apple Watch and their characteristics are as follows:

# 1 BBC News :

Although there are lots of news apps are accessible on the Apple Watch, but the BBC News is regarded as the best app in this segment. While it offers 4 top stories, 4 top comprehend stories and an important My News section, which allow the user to add some topics on their respective iPhone that helps in creating their very personal feed. Snippets are available in a simple access format and also by selecting a news or story will carry a summary on the wrist, with the exclusive option of continuous reading on the iPhone.

# 2 Philips Hue :

Philips is the first to understand the potential of the Apple Watch to become the key asset of a modern day smart-home. The Philips Hue is a nothing but a simpler mode of control that allows the person to have few numbers of presets lighting, which can be easily and effectively controlled directly from the watch and there is no need to pick up the iPhone to switch on the lights.

# 3 British Airways :

This is the most useful app, especially for frequent flyers with British Airways, which provides the information about the flight details, such as; whether the flight is on time and also the present status, to help the flyer and other people to have the comfort of the journey with the Airline. It is also providing relevant information regarding the weather report at the origin and destination regions.

# 4 Citymappers :

Just by pressing a few buttons on the Apple Watch; one can get the details of the nearby public transport, which is considered the principal quality of this finest app. Not only this; it also provides transport or walking distance to any unknown or preset address and also available transport facilities to reach there with a quicker possible time and at ease.

# 5 Uber :

This excellent Apple Watch app is quite a simple one but, at the same time, very effective one that allows the user to send a request to Uber and it is possible by using the watch itself, without touching the iPhone. The app provides useful information like, what would be the waiting time, versatile car choices, which can be seen on the right upper corner of the user’s Apple Watch.

# 6 Google Maps :

Almost every iPhone user like their very own Apple Maps, but it doesn’t deter them to have the Google Maps, which is being used by most of the smartphone users all over the world to get their intended information. For using this Google Maps app; first, the user needs to provide some information to the iPhone app to make the watch app useful, put the home and destination addresses and after that, the direction will be provided by tapping the app. Although the information about the direction is text based and not so pretty as the Apple Maps, but it is quite useful nonetheless. Newer route options are also being provided by this app, along with, the types of transportation.

# 7 Find Near Me :

This useful app on the Apple Watch also has the potential of providing information regarding nearby amenities and facilities, such as; ATMs, Beauty Salons, Cafes, Book Stores, Restaurants, Medical Shops etc., which are comprehensive and pretty good for the user. By tapping the app for the intended information, one can get the list of results on the watch and after tapping on any of the results, appeared on the arm, the more details will appear, along with, the direction to reach that place.

# 8 Instagram :

Like Facebook and Twitter; the Instagram is also a very strong social media app and loved by millions of iPhone users. This app is available and perfectly fitted on the device, i.e. Apple Watch and provides the amazing square image, as if it is made for the watch, which makes the app visually very appealing on the wrist. It provides the access to various feeds and one can like images, go through the profile and more details about the images. While all ongoing activities can be checked on the Apple Watch, but the uploading of images cannot be done through this app on the watch.

# 9 iTranslate :

It is considered as one of the most supportive apps for the travelers or even for the person, who is on a holiday. This app translates the individual or group of words, spoken into the app and in the language that is being requested by the user at the bottom of the app.

# 10 ESPN :

This is considered as the number one sports app in the market and loved by millions of sports enthusiasts from across the countries. It is providing live audio and video streaming from across the networks of ESPN, along with, latest news and scores from the sports world. By signing and personalization of the ESPN app, one can get the notifications and alerts about the news and scores of particular game/s of the favorite team/s. some of the most important features of this app, which can be enjoyed in the Apple Watch, are as follows:

  • Latest or earlier videos and stories of the favorite game, team or league can be enjoyed just by clicking on the specific league or story on the watch and the same will be at your arm’s length.
  • Prompt access to the latest scores of the game of any sporting event, such as; NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, College Basketball, College Football, World Cup and more, can be watched with utter pleasure.
  • Use of Handoff will be very handy to switch between the Apple watch and the iPhone.

These are some of the best apps for Apple Watch, which you can opt for.

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