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Best 7 Sports App For iphone to Make Sure You Don't Miss Any Update

Sport apps for iphone

Are you a sports freak and at the same time love using your iPhone all the time ?

Well, you can only stick with some of the sports apps and make sure that you never miss any update ever again.

Some people might suggest watching just highlights, but only a true sports lover can justify the love of watching the actual match and not missing any single update in real time.

So, below are top sports app for your iPhone –

Best 7 Sports App For iPhone and Sport Lovers

Best 7 Sports App For iPhone and Sport Lovers

#1. Fancred ( Free )

fancred app

This app is an awesome sports news app that combines the social media with latest sports news. Talking about current apps, it can be called as the most interactive of all them ( talking about those on iTunes ). This app also allows users to upload photos, add articles about the teams you love and also comment on other articles.

The function offers generally would need a computer and a broadband, but this all is possible from the app too. You just need to start by creating a profile, you can do so by connecting with Facebook or email. Once you do this, it will then pull out people from your list to see if anyone is using the app.

Once the setup part is complete, you can find a feed that is full of latest news of sports, and it won’t be biased as it would be from minds of like-minded fans. The best part is that players also get involved in order to bring fans and teams come closer.

#2. Thuuz Sports ( Free )

thuuz sportsAnother sports app is Thuuz Sports that allows its users to focus on the team which they love to ensure that they don’t miss them in the action. The app has one feature that sets it apart from the other apps available in this domain, and that its focus upon making the week of any sports fan full of excitement.

The core system of this app pulls some online buzz to integrate into the application and also provides ratings on a scale of 0 to 100 to rate the upcoming games. The app is great for neutral sports. This means that you can mark your calendar and set your schedule according to so that the games are more fun.

#3. Forza Football ( Free )

furzo footballIf you too are a football freak, this app is all you need to get your daily updates delivered to you. The app would provide you with match schedules, sports news and along with it, there is a whole new online community that would allow you that would help you enjoy the moment updates of the team you love.

Above all, the app delivers notifications for everything, right from goals to cards. Undoubtedly, an awesome app for football fans around the globe.

#4. ESPN ( FREE )


If you love the way ESPN presents the news on their website and their social media channels, in particular, this official app from their side would seem to be what you are searching for. Talking about this app, this app collects an equal amount of hate and love but is certainly worth trying out.

The can sometimes be very irritating, but is still undoubtedly the best source of news.

The app currently has a wide series of applications, this includes the wide range of applications such as streaming video content, monitoring your fantasy team and of course the main source of sports news.

To enjoy the app all you have to do is, to begin with selecting your favourite team and then you are all set for enjoying the news. The app would show breaking news as well as latest tweets related to your sports world.

#5. The Score ( Free )

the score

The app is an awesome app when it comes to delivering the hottest and latest game updates. This is most important thing for all sports fans. The app not only gives breaking news in the stats as well as news.

The app also has an event calendar and would thereby allow you to look up the game info from past, check the statistics from the past matches and a lot of similar things.

The available stats are mere breakdowns of impressive stats and go down deep so that even sports junkies can also enjoy this app.

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#6. Sports Feed ( Free )

sports feed

If you remove all the clutter from the above mentioned ESPN app, this app is what the result would be. The process, however, remains the same, you have to pick up your favourite team, and turn the notifications on in order to get notified about the moment updates.

The app has two main pages to toggle between which is indeed a very good setup and works quite well too. The main page features sports news which is obviously pulled from the internet, along with the scores page that shows live scores so that you can refresh and get instant updates.

The best apart about this app is that when you read content from the web in the form of news, it will pull only the matter of the post and not the adverts. Another great feature is its neat interface and showing what times your favourite team would be playing again.

#7. Breaking Sports ( Free )


To be honest, the market for iPhone apps is full of apps that claim to be perfect but fail to deliver the value. Most of the apps are the third party, like this one and does what its name says. The app delivers the best breaking news, injury reports, scores and a lot more than that. Users can’t only pick their favourite players and teams but can also make sure that you never miss any important news from that selection. The app also has been made compatible to work with the apple watch.

Conclusion – Do let us know if you have any other apps that work out well for you, we will be more than happy to add them here in the list.