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Best Puzzle Games for iPad: To Sharpen Your Brains

best puzzle games for iPad 2016

Best Puzzle games are superb at maintaining your brain active at most of the time and they are also quality time killers. They also help to increase the curious in children and help them to find their talents and keep their brain active.

These puzzle games are more time efficient than scrolling through online shopping sites or social media and also helps to increase your productivity.

Playing puzzle games is as good as reading a book and if you are searching for good puzzle games for your iPad here is the list of best puzzle games for iPad you need to have a look.

8 Awesome Puzzle Games for iPad

#1 Monument Valley:

Monument Valley is a never before seen beautifully designed Puzzle Game with minimalistic designs and incredible architecture with places inspired from around the world. Usage of Optical illusions in the game is mind blowing which is unique. Princess Ida is to be guided through the palaces and monuments with hidden routes and optical illusions and escape from the crow people. Even though the design and controls are good, the gameplay is not complicated once users understand the Optical illusions and the game time is also less. The game had recently released an extension to original called “Forgotten Shores.”

Monument Valley had received many Awards with two awards from Apple for Best Game and Design awards for the year 2014. The game had 26 million downloads as of May 2016 and a rating of 4.5 stars in App Store.

#2 Scribblenauts Remix:

Scribblenauts Remix emergent puzzle game which one of the most creative games I have seen with a lot of exciting and impressive features. In the game, you will be giving a task to complete in each level, and players need to find out what items are required to complete the task. Example if you are given a task to grow planted crops you need water, sun, and fertilizers if necessary, you need to type in the game, it will provide you the objects and now you need to complete your task using them. This is a wonderful app for kids and even adults who like to be creative. This is a must try the game for everyone.

#3 The Room Three:

The Room 3 is a new part of The Room Series developed by a FireProof Games a British-based company. Predecessors of the game The Room and Room 2 are very popular and award winning games. Users need to solve many puzzles to go on in the game, you will be given a room with different medieval style objects with mysteries to be solved to find different keys. The puzzles are complicated and tricky, users will be thinking out of the box to solve them and as the game continues it will become more interesting and exciting to play.

The graphics, design and sound quality of the game are beyond excellent and can’t be played on iPad 1 and iPhone 4 due to its high graphics. The game is one of the most loved puzzle games due its complexity and high difficulty.

#4 Limbo:

Limbo Horror Puzzle game that had evolved from console and PC market to tablets and one of the most user and critic acclaimed puzzle game. The gameplay is about a little boy enters Limbo to save his sister from her uncertain fate. The game involves many puzzles, adventures, horrors, dangerous creatures, traps and much more where sometimes you will be dead like a dozen times but you are willing to play again. Developers of the game had done a good game with high-quality visuals, horrifying sound, insanely hard puzzles and enjoyable gameplay.

The app had received more than a 100 awards and received 4.5 stars rating from more than 13,000 users in the app store.

#5 Lara Croft Go:

Lara Croft Go is a turn based puzzle game developed by Square Enix Montreal and is part of their Go series which includes HitMan Go and Deus Go. Lara Croft is on an adventure trip to find an ancient artifact through an old structure where there are deadly animals, traps, and weak structures are on her way and you need to crack the puzzles and find her a way through. The design of the games is very simple with minimalistic designs and with good background music. The total length of the game is small and no so tough to play the game.

The game is awarded by multiple organizations with two from the Apple and received positive reviews with few criticisms.

#6 Threes!:

Threes! Is a puzzle game developed by a team of four individuals and released in 2014. It is a highly addictive game with whole concept revolving around three and its multiples. The game will have a 4×4 box layout and users need to swipe the number cards present by creating threes and later increasing its multiples. The highest multiple of three will be his highest score and users tries to beat the score. It is a very simple and addictive game with easy to understand the concept and good interface. The idea of the game is a creative one but at the same time easy to understand and replicate, this caused to develop multiple clones of the games.

#7 Two Dots:

Two Dots is single player puzzle game released as a sequel to Dots game bot with more options and exciting features. The game is very simple but creative where you connect same color dots to finish of a level and when a user creates Polygons while connecting dots they will solve the game faster, for example when a square is created with a single dot in it then it becomes a bomb and removes surrounding dots.

The game had 785 levels with difficulty increasing from one level to another and are growing fast, users can challenge friends over Facebook. It had much more exciting features to look out and with a relaxing music. Two Dots had an overall rating of 4.5 stars from 0ne Lakh+ users in the app store which one of the highest in the list.

#8 Cut The Rope 2:

Cut the Rope 2 is part of Cut The Rope Series of games which are developed by Zepto Lab. The game is based on a character Om Nom, it feeds on the candy and users need to use tricky ways for Om Nom able to reach the Candy. Different elements like bubbles, balloons, air blowers are used to complete each level. Cut the Rope 2 had 168 levels and 504 stars to collect. It is one of the most successful game series for smartphones with more than 600 million downloads as of May 2015 and received many awards for the game.

What is your all-time favorite Puzzle game ever played either in iPhone, iPad, PC, Xbox or PS? Feel free to comment below we would like to know your opinion.







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