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Top 7 Apps For iPhone Virtual Reality Headsets

VR apps for iPhone

There is no denying the fact that Virtual Reality or VR is the new big thing in the digital world. And now with the advent of some great VR headsets in market, joining the VR bandwagon is just a touch away. You can simply jump into the world of virtual reality using your iPhone and a VR headset. And if you are concerned about which virtual reality apps you should check out first, here is a list of top 7 apps for iPhone VR headsets!

With these apps, you have all those super cool motion sensors, 360 degree view and formidable processing power right in your pocket. Simply put on the headset and you are ready to get lost in to another world!

So, let’s start with the list!

#1 YouTube

YouTube VR app

Well, it may be a bit obvious, but the good old YouTube houses the largest number of Virtual Reality and 360 degree videos.

Simply search for video names with VR or 360 degree mentioned in it; and you are in for a mind-blowing experience. You can also watch your regular videos in VR setting in YouTube. However, the viewing experience for this option may not be very good.

The sheer number and variety of VR videos in YouTube is the main reason why this app is one of the must have VR apps for your iPhone.

If you do not have YouTube installed already, you can download it from iTune app store.

Price: Free

# 2 Zombie Shooter VR


Who does not want to shoot some zombies in virtual reality? Well, if you love to play games, then this is one gaming app, you should not miss out on.

The game features stunning graphics that really give you a feel of the post-apocalyptic world where blood thirsty zombies are running free.

The look to shoot interface make it an amazing blood pumping experience to play the game.

Originally the game app was launched as a paid app, recently the company have removed the charges and made it a free to download app.

You can download the app from iTune app store.

Price: Free

#3 Vrse


Vrse is undoubtedly one of the best virtual reality apps in the non-gaming section. The app is more like a platform where you can search and see various VR videos at stunning quality.

While the Vrse collaborates with leading newspapers such as New York Times to bring you investigative journalism stories as well as various humanitarian stories; it has its own videos too.

The music videos featured on Vrse are not to be missed at all; as they create the most immersive musical experience for you.

The best thing is, Vrse is continuously adding new videos; so you would never be bored with the collection.

You can download the app from iTune app store.

Price: Free

#4 Discovery VR


The Discovery Channel has always played a pivotal role in showcasing the furthest corners of earth and various aspects of nature. The Discover VR brings you the same stories, only in a more immersive virtual reality form.

This is one of the best virtual reality apps for iPhone that lets you enjoy nature and story telling like never before.

Presently you can enjoy some of the most famed Discovery Channel shows such as MythBusters, Survivorman, Gold Rush etc on the breath taking VR medium.

You simply cannot miss out on the VR experience of a shark infested underwater adventure or the riot of colours on flower valley.

Discovery VR immerses you in the beauties of Mother Nature!

You can download the app from iTune app store.

Price: Free

#5 VR ONE Cinema

ONE Cinema

What if you had a 3D movie hall right in your pocket? Well, this is not just a wistful thinking anymore! The VR One Cinema is one of the best movie viewing VR apps today that gives you the feel of being on a movie theatre.

The app lets you watch your MP4 iTune movies in VR format. Simply copy your favourite movies using iTune file sharing feature and play them in VR ONE Cinema for a completely engrossing experience.

The interface is really awesome too. You select the movie you want to watch by moving your head. Move your head towards the exit door, and the menu will pop up in front of you. You can also play and pause the movies at anytime you want.

Download this app from iTune app store and movie nights will not be the same again!

Price: Free

#6 DinoTrek VR Experience

Dino Trek

The name gives it away! This app gives you the complete look and feel about the Jurassic ear.

While you can enjoy the blood pounding VR videos of T-Rex chasing its lunch on widescreen too, DinoTrek offers the best experience with iPhone VR headsets.

DinoTrek is a great source of entertainment is you have any love for the vicious dinosaurs. The app gives you full 360 degree view that tracks the movement of your head.

While this one is pretty awesome, the company is all set to launch a scarier midnight version of DinoTrek soon.

Download this app from iTune app store shake a leg with the Dinos!

Price: Free

#7 Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue


This is one of the most visually attractive game VR apps in the app store today.

In this app, you play as a brave little firefly, Lamper, feasting your eyes on the lush forest and rescuing your friends on the way. The game showcases a really immersive world of colour and sound in full 360 degree view.

There are enough obstacles and enemies on the way to keep interested and engaged. The deep into the jungle you go, the tough the challenges you face!

Download the game from iTune app store today!

Price: $0.99

Conclusion: While these are top 7 Virtual Reality apps for iPhone, there are many more apps too that you can explore. Ever since Google’s announcement of allowing Cardboard platform to create iOS compatible apps, there has been a great increase in the number of VR apps available on iPhone.

So, get these 7 best virtual reality apps on your iPhone today to be the part of the NextGen digital age.

Have we missed out on your favourite VR apps?

Let us know in the comment section and we would add them in the list!