iPhone apps that are most sought-after
Apple must be in a very festive mood as it App store nears the 50 million download mark. Now to celebrate this milestone they have given us an insight into the top 25 apps of all times and their features. Till date, the App store which is attainable to some 775000 iphone, ipad, ipod touch pads which was launched in way back 2008 has apps that made the list and that isn’t all that shocking, but some may be relevant. And to add some bequest to its flow of opulence Apple has decided to grant a $10000 App store gift card on the charmed person who downloads the 50 billionth app. Now this is very appealing to the everyday user using the iPhone and downloading all those apps. But have you ever wondered why all these apps are so popular and in demand?

The main reason…

Well, the main reason behind all the success of these apps is the simple and lame fact that more and more people are getting rich and buying iPhones. Add to that, they are dedicating more and more time to all these apps and searching for more fascinating apps to pass as entertainment. People are finding it cool and swaggy to use an iPhone and further use it to avail all the intriguing apps from the App store. All said and done, apps from the iPhone are here to stay and the number of downloads will always keep on increasing.

The most popular apps for iPhone

Since its inception into the world of smartphones iPhones has been similar to hot cakes mainly due to one reason- the availability of numerous convenient apps from the App store. To make a list of the most popular apps for iPhone is really a condemning task just because of the sheer variety of apps available down there. iPhone applications ranging from social networking, photography, news to productivity floods the App store regularly and choosing a handful among them is truly a daunting task. Have a look at the ones we have selected as the most popular iPhone apps.


#1. Facebook:

Being the world’s largest and most popular social networking site, facebook is bound to be in any list of the most popular apps for iPhone. True to its reputation facebook brings together a skillfully honed experience to your iPhone without compromising the capability to access contacts, feeds and any other important information. Your iPhone facebook experience will be more superior to your desktop browser one due the simple sense of added focus that the iPhone app brings to the picture.

Looks good !


#2. Skype:

Talking about social networking apps, how can we exclude the stereotype breaking messenger app skype. It lets you talk to other Skype users for free irrespective of the device they are using. This app is mostly used to connect with friends and family members living abroad because Skype provides a very genuine video chat experience that will be more satisfying to you than any other messenger chat. Its excellent packaging, exceptional sound quality, well-designed user interface and favorable price tag (which is FREE) helps it to earn a very positive user rating in most reviews. No wonder it always manages to feature in every most popular iPhone apps.

Looks good !


#3. Youtube:

How can one exclude the most popular site for watching videos from any list that has the words “most popular” in it. And after youtube launched a standalone app for iPhone users at the App store, there is hardly anything which could have stopped Youtube to feature in this list of most popular apps for iPhone.

Looks good !



Now surely there are loads of file transferring applications available to transfer content between your device and your PC, but none are as easy and convenient as Dropbox. All you need to do is dump the files that you require to sync in a folder on your PC and Dropbox will let you access them easily from your device, view them and even download them for offline viewing.

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#4. Movies from Flixter

Despite of a few very disappointing negative aspects of the app, it manages to succeed in the areas where it matters the most. You just have to select the name of the movie you want to watch and it simply provides you a list of all the nearby cinemas and the times it is being shown. You can also pin your favourite cinemas to the top of the list and therefore increase its efficiency.

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#5. Twitter:

The official Twitter available at the App Store provides a sleek and simple way of using the Twitter service efficiently although it is not completely devoid of glitches. Moreover, it also brings in new features fresh from the website like Connect and Discover Views, Expandable tweets containing videos and images.

Looks good !


#6. Comics:

There was a time when Comics used to be a one stop shop for buying and reading comics from the shelf. Now all that is history with the buying part being done within the browser, which turns the app simply into a reader application. But that does not stop it from appearing on the most popular iPhone apps It still functions as a pretty decent mean of absorbing the latest and the greatest in the world of comics and it also provides a guided smart view in order to read the content on smaller screens.

Looks good !


#7. Kindle:

Now when it comes to reading books, one might wonder why bother at all with Amazon’s Kindle when you can avail iBooks on the iPhone. It does not even match up to iBooks, which is much prettier in design and also provides an integrated store. Where Kindle manages to outdo any other book-reading app including iBooks is the sheer selection of books which is massive in quantity and greatly satisfying in qualitative terms. Kindle still remains the reader’s favorite and a strong member of the most popular iPhone apps.

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 #8. Dictionary.com

Having a dictionary and thesaurus in your device always makes your phone smarter and comes in handy in many unprecedented situations. With Dictionary.com users can gain access to over 2 million synonyms, antonyms and definitions and avail them both online and offline. It also includes phonetic and genuine audio pronunciation of the words with a seemingly convenient interface that is perfectly suited for your iPhone. Add to that, it is also fast and efficient.

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 #9. Pandora:

Our smartphone also works as our music playing device most of the times. That is why Pandora, one of the most renowned and long-standing music streaming application, features in this list of most popular apps for iPhone.

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 #10. Angry Birds Seasons:

The very popular smartphone game Angry Birds gets a facelift in this application which includes versions of Valentine’s day, Halloween, Christmas and even St.Patrick’s Day.

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#11. Photoshop Express:

In today’s age of selfies and self obsessed teenagers a photo editing app is a must-have in your smartphone. Photoshop Express provide the average iPhone user a fast, free and greatly usable tool which helps you edit your pictures on the go on your iPhone. It contains a variety features such as cropping, exposure adjustments, straightening, sharpening as well as colour effects. It is the ideal app one can have on one’s iPhone in order to make it an invincible tool for photo sharing on social networking platforms.

Looks good !


These all are the all time most popular iPhone apps , Yes! You should be having in your iPhone right now most of these, personally I’ve all of these. I hope you like my post. Yeah! then subscribe us !!!!

Thank you for reading :)


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