Most Downloaded Free Apple iPhone Apps in 2015

In the contemporary world, mobile apps are the most popular issue for the youngsters, as well as, corporate honchos, who are quite accustomed with the utility and fun of these gaming or other apps, which can be downloaded from the specific store and available as free or paid versions. The computer giant Apple has some unique iOS apps for their iPhones, which are available in their own store and can be downloaded for specific uses. Although there are lots of free or paid iOS apps, but Apple have some interesting and popular apps, which are considered as the most downloaded iPhone apps 2015. Some of these most downloaded apps for iPhone, which are being developed earlier or in recent times are as follows:

 #1. Periscope

This is one the most downloaded apps, which is being downloaded by millions of people across the in 2015, as this app helps in broadcasting the live video and after going live, the friends and followers can join the broadcast and able to send hearts in actual time. The more and additional hearts, there would be higher level of flutter on the device screen. Some other features of this app are as follows:

  • Replay: This most downloaded app has a unique feature, where the user can see the past broadcasts, those are already over, at a later stage and obviously viewers can see them again at the time of replay. While this replay can exist for 24 hours now and the user can delete the same anytime; but the uniqueness of this feature is even a follower can replay the broadcast and also able to send hearts to revive the experience in full.
  • Private: The app has the great feature of customization; if the user wants to share the experience with any specific person, he has to choose the lock icon, before the live broadcast and can invite and allow the person, he wants to share.
  • Twitter: There are some other features of this most popular apple appsg. every broadcast can be shared on Twitter, just by clicking the bird icon, before the start of real time broadcasting.
  • Notifications: One of the most downloaded apps, Periscope suggests other people to follow the user, on the basis of his Twitter network. The user has the prerogative to follow or unfollow any specific person.

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 #2. Enlight


This particular app is the most advanced complete photo editor, considered as one of the most downloaded iPhone apps 2015, which provides some powerful, unique and very easy to use tools. It can be noted that this particular app, which is considered as one of the most popular iPhone apps, having the amazing quality of blending the conventional Photoshop-type controls and the excellent artistic effects and filters. Some of the noteworthy features of this most downloaded app are as mentioned below:

  • It is considered as the no. 1 Photo, as well as, Video app in approximately 128 countries and also No. 1 Paid app in almost 121 countries. This app has so many features, packed in its very clean and user-friendly interface, which is able to replace almost all standalone apps.
  • Some of the most advanced features e.g. custom presses, curves and an amazingly attractive convertible filters have equipped this as a most efficient and powerful photo editing app. The one of the most popular iPhone apps app has the unique quality of creating the most stunning photos on iPhones, which made it most comprehensive and the highest class image editing app, at the same time, the most powerful, exclusive and one-in-all downloadable photo editing app.


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This Workflow is also considered as one of the most downloaded apps for iPhone, which has the ability to play the role of user’s personal administrative tool and enables the user to drag & drop any sorts of combination of different actions helps in creating the most powerful workflows for any iPhone, iPads and also for Apple watches. The amazing and one of the top downloaded apps, Workflow, has been consists of an astonishing 200 numbers of actions, such as; Calendar, Contracts, Camera, Music, Maps, Photos, Safari, Reminders, Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop, Health, Evernote, Dropbox and also iCloud drive, to mention a few. Some of the uses of Workflow are as follows:

  • This most downloaded app is helpful in making animated GIFs, with all possible supports
  • There is the scope of adding a home screen icon that labels a very dear one
  • One can get the direction of any location, like a nearby coffee shop, in just a singular tapping
  • This has the ability to prepare a PDF file, with a split sheet, from the Safari or any other app
  • The user can Tweet a song that he is listening for other followers
  • This is considered as the top downloaded apps because it helps in sending message, with the screenshots, last taken by the user
  • All images in the phone can be saved on a particular web page, which can be of great help in finding any of them easily and with full comfort.

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 #4. The Robot Factory

It is considered as one of the most downloaded iPhone apps 2015 for the excellent properties of offering actions, such as; Create robots, Collect robots, Test robots, Robot cat, Robot spies, Robot samurais, Zephyr mechanism, Machinos locomotors, Hydrostatic tentacles, G-Force mixer etc. and any other robot that the user is able to imagine. Relevant and most important features of this one of the most downloaded apps are:

  • This has the ability of creating thousands of diverse kinds of robots from about 100 parts
  • The enthusiastic user can have the joy of trying out the physics-driven parts in the real world conditions and also go for swapping to get different results
  • Testing of the robots can be done to check, whether they are able to run, walk, hop or fly
  • These unique and one of the most popular iPhone apps helps the creator to colorize the robots, with almost 9 different shades of colors
  • Recording can be done for the own robots, with the help of this app and original sound design.


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#5. HBO Now

The HBO Now is the most advanced and newest standalone service from the house of HBO, considered as one of the most popular apple apps and presently available for a limited period of time, with an introductory trial for free. With an stable internet connection and by using this one of the top downloaded apps, one can easily have the chance to enjoy every episodes of any popular TV shows, aired by HBO, such as; Sesame Street, Game of Thrones, Girls, The Sopranos, Togetherness or The Wire. It can be noted that this app is helpful in watching hundreds of movies, including some exclusive pieces.

There is free trial offer of 30 days for using this one of the most popular apple apps, but after that a minimum and affordable subscription has to be made to get the instant access into the great world of HBO programs. As one of the most downloaded apps for iPhone, it can allow the user to see movies, original series, comedy specials, talk shows etc.

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Yes! It’s true ! These are the most downloaded apps from App store last year. if you like any of these or you’ve requirement of these, download it now !! don’t wait ,these are such awesome apps.

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