iPhone users have the smartest phones in their hand which can really make their life exciting and easier. Whether you are finding a particular lane while driving or you are out on a long drive or planning a trip, having an iPhone is really helpful. All the iPhones come equipped with Apple Maps which can provide substantial help in locating a place on the map and getting directions. There are also a whole lot of iPhone gps apps available in the Apple Store to make your driving experience smoother and better. Here are a list of the best GPS navigation apps for iPhone from the Apple store and drive anywhere without losing your way. So have unlimited fun while driving with your iPhone showing the way.

# 1 Google Maps :

One should thank God or Google for inventing Google Maps. Seriously, what would have we done without them? Google Maps serve as one of the best GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone. You almost have any direction at your fingertips if there is a Google Maps app on your iPhone. It provides you with detailed maps and separate modes of navigation depending on whether you are biking, driving a car or walking. You can even go for a satellite map version. In case you find it tedious to read the location all the time you can choose voice guided turn by turn navigation and find your destination easily. You can choose shortcuts and alternate ways if you want a different route. The new version of this app also lets you filter restaurants and can even provide weather information. Doesn’t that make it one of the best GPS Tracking Apps for iPhone?

# 2 Waze :

Waze is another one of the iPhone GPS apps that lets you find your way anywhere. Finding a restaurant or a theatre or going on a long drive gets easier if you have Waze in your iPhone GPS apps. It is a crowdsourcing map where everyone puts up information about roads, directions and the easiest ways to reach a particular destination. It does not provide you only with satellite based navigation but you can also get to know what real people feel and which way is the best according to the people who have actually taken the trip earlier. That is a lot more convenient as it lets you have a realistic idea. You can also add your friends on Waze and check their timetables if you all have a plan to meet together.

# 3 Scout :

If you are looking for amazing gps apps for iPhone you must immediately download the Scout navigation app. It is one of the latest designed GPS navigation apps that can help you out in case of social gatherings. This is less suited for professional navigation but for our social needs this is simply the best among GPS navigation apps for iPhone. It comes equipped with various social features like a chat function, you can add and invite your friends to an event at a specific location, give them walking or driving instructions to make them reach the destination easily. This app has been specially designed for those who are very socially active and have always something or the other event coming up every day. If your social life is all about meeting and discovering new places to hang out, this is just the right kind of GPS navigation apps you need.

# 4 Navigon :

For easy navigation on the road you need good GPS navigation apps to help you out anywhere and everywhere. Navigon by Apple made is one of the best GPS navigation apps for iPhone. Whether you have gone for a holiday or on a weekend trip or a long drive, with Navigon you need not worry about losing your way. When you have Navigon on your iPhone know that you are always on the right way even in you are in an unknown land. Save time and fuel going round and round and asking directions on the road and instead just reach your destination quickly and without any worry by this simple well designed navigation app.

# 5 Motion X GPS Drive :

Sometimes you may need basic and simple gps apps for iPhone and for such purposes you can get the Motion X GPS Drive navigation app to easily locate a direction within your city or town. It is of real help at times to know the condition of the local routes so that you can drive smoothly and quickly. You can closely monitor the traffic conditions on a route, decide which route to take depending on the traffic flow and get current updates. It has customized options too to let you get the live updates and have the best driving experience in your town or city.

# 6 Garmin :

Garmin is a popular name among GPS Tracking apps for iPhone and is simply one of the best you can get. The software of this app has been realistically designed to help you get the best driving experience. Without having to switch over here and there you can get the exact direction to the location you are headed to, check your driving speed and also get the estimated amount of time left to reach the place. Full maps along with voice prompts make it very easy to locate and drive to a place without finding facing difficulties in operating the map service while driving. This app can be a bit costly as it is one of the highly professional gps apps for iPhone.

# 7 MapMyHike :

MapMyHike takes navigation away from simple roads and directions. It is a different kind of navigation app that is best suited for all kinds of off-road activities. This one is an off-beat GPS navigation app designed to help in case of mounting, hiking and biking. Whichever part of the world you are in and in whichever way you are headed to during these off-road activities, MapMyHike can be your guide. Outdoor enthusiasts need not lose track of routes or directions now as their iPhones are smart enough when equipped with such smart apps. You can log about 600 types of workouts, record your activities and connect with 400 devices to import your data.

# 8 CoPilot GPS :

Here is an award winning GPS navigation app meant for driving and route planning. It can get you anywhere and everywhere without needing to depend on any wireless network. It is basically a trip oriented navigation app that can be used even offline. In many places navigation apps may not work due to lack of reliable wireless connections. To avoid such inconveniences while on a perfectly planned trip, switch to CoPilot navigation app to know the right directions for exploring places or switch to alternate routes. There is also a walking mode in case you want to explore a place on foot. This is the ideal app for travelers who want to have the best experience in discovering and exploring a place.

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