There are so many vegetarians in this world and the number is still having an upward growth, which establishes the immense popularity of this kind of food. While there are lots of non-vegetarians in our society but the versatility of vegetarian foods are so delicious and easy to digest that attracts huge responses from the people, irrespective of color, caste, class or creed. It is a proven fact that the intake of vegetarian foods improves the general health of the person and even helpful in any weight loss program to a great extent.

The advent of the computer and the internet, in general, has changed the world and especially the service sector, including food & beverages, which is enormous in nature and quite a big business today. These inventions are effectively revolutionizing the entire communication systems and also able to provide necessary and important information regarding almost all sorts of products and services, which are having the most significant role in our daily life. The mobile apps are now the catchword in the electronic division, specifically in the software segment of the computers, as well as, for iPhones. The iPhone apps for vegetarians are the most talks about apps, which provide varieties of information regarding vegetarian food, its recipe, ingredients etc. for the food enthusiasts.

# 1 VegKitchen

This app is essentially made for the vegetarian and vegan that offers excellent pictures of the cooked dishes, which is quite helpful in formulating an idea about the look of the prepared dish and able to attract the intending personnel. It provides the relevant tricks and tips of preparing the vegetarian food that makes the cooking a fun and easier issue. If you are looking for preparing a beautiful, colored and nutritious salads or want to make an astounding Asian Noodle dish or would like to try some spicy, delicious Indian dishes; this app will be of great help as it has lots of recipes, which will be helpful in getting proper suggestions and guidance for having a vegetarian dish of choice. The special characteristics of the VegKitchen are:

  • Mark the favorite recipes
  • Sharing of recipes
  • Able to write small note to self
  • Shopping list
  • Tips and Tricks of recipes
  • It’s a free app for the vegetarian

# 2 Tasteful

This unique app is considered as one of the best among iPhone apps for vegetarians that are basically a restaurant finder in the vicinity and according to the quality of food. Whether the user is looking for a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free food; this app offers the most healthy food joints or restaurants around the locality, which suits the needs of the user. Thousands of prominent restaurants are being covered here, where the real food can be searched and availed. The most amazing fact of this app is; just by providing the diet type, one can get the most intelligently scrutinized and customized support, in the form of restaurant recommendations, which will be of immense assistance for the searcher. The basic features of this app are:

  • Help in finding the healthy and best restaurants, according to the diet type;
  • It searches for restaurants anyplace in the United States and other parts of the globe;
  • The user can find the place, where other people are dining;
  • This app sets the diet type to Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Paleo, Low Carb or maybe the whole lot;
  • For each and every act – the user becomes eligible to earn points.

# 3 Maoz Vegetarian

The particular app is basically a rewards and loyalty program app, which allows the user to pay for the intended purchases at the Maoz Vegetarian sites by using the iPhone and for every such purchase and payments, the user gets valuable rewards. For instance; every purchase of $99, by using the app, the purchaser will get $9 as rewards for the very next purchase. The user also gets the opportunity to advance the app status that enables the person concerned to unlock some other benefits and features. The Maoz Vegetarian app is providing useful assistance in locating the closest restaurant, menus and also helps in tracking the purchases and activities. All these purchases can be done by linking the debit or credit card with the app to enjoy vegetarian foods. Basic features of this app are as follows:

  • Basically a rewards and loyalty program app;
  • Through using the iPhone, Payment at Maoz Vegetarian can be done;
  • Chances of earning rewards of $9 with every spending of $99;
  • Helps in finding locations, menu and more;
  • It’s a free app, developed for vegetarians.

# 4 Green Kitchen

If any person is looking for best vegetarian recipes or eagerly searching for some more recipes or items into own diet; this unique app can be of great help in achieving the intended goals. The Green Kitchen offers a wide range of most inspiring delicious vegetarian delicacies, which are prepared with all natural ingredients and free from meat element. The photographs, available in this app, are quite spectacular, the recipes are very well written and the directions about the eateries are mentioned in such a way that everybody will find it very simple and easy to follow the direction. The user of this app will be enjoying the healthy beverages, snacks and main courses, as well as, there is an option to save the favorite items by creating a shopping list, which can be used according to requirements. The primary features of this app are as mentioned below:

  • While it is basically a free app but there are some more recipes, about 28 numbers, are available by in-app purchasing of premium membership;
  • 117 numbers of top-rated recipes;
  • Numerous photos for every single recipe.

# 5 Smoothie Recipes Pro

One, who loves smoothies, has to check and try the Smoothie Recipes Pro as this app is having lots of smoothie delicious recipes, more than 200 numbers, which is a useful support for the vegetarian foodies. The well-taken photos of different tasty recipes are providing a soothing experience and people got interested to have this kind of vegetarian delicacies. After going through the photos; just prepare a shopping list of the necessary ingredients, which are needed for creating the astounding concoctions. It can be noted that the list of recipes is always having some added numbers and updated regularly to provide newer dishes for the enthusiasts. Some of the most important features, in a nutshell, are as follows:

  • More than 200 numbers of smoothie recipes, which can be availed at fingertips for enjoying the same;
  • Browsing through the app will be helpful in getting the pictures of mouthwatering dishes, compel the user to go for having at least one of the great recipes;
  • Bookmark can be done for the future planning and actions;
  • Sharing of recipes through some of the most social networking sites, such as; facebook, twitter, Pinterest etc., can be done with ease and comfort;
  • The easier mode of interface and the catchy design is an added advantage;

This app is available on both iPad and iPhone.
These are some of the most searched apps for vegetarian, compatible and prepared for iPhone, which is suitable for people, either vegetarian or wants to taste some delicacies.

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