iphone Apps to Spy on Kids

Top 10 Best iPhone Apps to Spy on Kids For Parents

iphone apps to spy on kids

It doesn’t matter how smart your kid might be, but parents just don’t ever seem enough to worry about their kids. If you are a parent as well, you can certainly relate to this. Well, there are several iphone apps to spy on kids that might give you a sense of relief.

To make sure that you are always relieved, I’ve compiled up a list of best iPhone apps you can use to spy on your kids. ( Remember : It is always good to give your kids a bit of fresh air ). Also, some of the apps in the list require that your host iPhone has been jailbreak to ensure full efficiency, so select your app carefully.

List of Top iPhone Apps to Spy on Kids

#1. mSpy


This tracker provides tracking solutions for iPhone 4+ and providers the best possible approach you can use in order to spy using one of the best technology and features. A lot of features are embedded in their professional and personal packages. The software is widely used by a lot of people and talking about the numbers, it has around 1 million users around the globe. The downside is that to get the best possible results you need the target phone to be rooted.

About mSpy : The phone is a monitoring app which offers advanced features right after the installation. Users are capable of controlling their kid’s phone and can view calls, texts, emails, Whatsapp, keylogger, snap chat, social media chats, video watched and also the GPS location.

Not only this, the users are also capable of setting up custom alerts right from their dashboard ( accessible online ). You can set up filters like, when your kid enters into some sort of area where you don’t want them to be, you can get an alert.

#2. MamaBear


For the parents whose kids just started driving, this app can really give you a sense of security. The app basically lets you know at what speed your kids are traveling at.

The app works fine, but you have to make sure that you don’t text them to slow their vehicles… #kidding.

#3. FlexiSpy


This app is one of the top tracking software that comes with a sure shot money back guarantee with a period of 10 days and also provides awesome spyware features. The app would allow you to track down its GPS location, camera pictures, reading emails, call logs, texts, browsing history, IM details.

The app is highly reliable when it comes to accuracy in the monitoring and integrating the best technology. This is precisely what makes it one of most highly accepted softwares worldwide.

#4. Connect


The app comes for both iPad and iPhones, and you can use it to track not only your children, wife, husbands and even friends. Unlike its counterparts like foursquare, this app doesn’t ask for virtual check-ins that would prompt the users to activate their locations. Many users never realize when they turn their location settings on and their information is able to be embedded into status updates and even photographs. If this is not enough, the other person also doesn’t need to install the app in order to get an invitation.


#5. SpyBubble

spybubbleNow this app is quite a good option when it comes to spying option for iPad and iPhone. The app can be used to manage and track all sorts of mobile phones who have enabled the internet. The app tracks literally everything from the host mobile and therefore is very competitive in ratings. The app specializes in remote monitoring.


#6. Spyera


iPhone spying gets quite easy with Spyera and thereby it comes as a well-accepted option and provides tons of facilities which are given for various packages that help you track efficiently. Through this app, you can track your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or kids. The app provides all sorts of activity details from iOS 7 & 8 while being in total stealth. The most awesome feature offered by this app is that you can get full access to the data if the host mobile has installed Spyera.

#7. iSpyoo


This app claims to offer the best tracking results on iPhone. Their package includes all different sorts of features which are collaborated in order to provide the best spyware solutions and make sure that you don’t have to compromise anything. This makes the spying process or iOS quite easy. But like the first app, you need the smartphone to be jailbreaked in order to use it.

#8. TheTruthSpy


The app can be used to scoop out the truth about relationships or your kids. The app needs to be installed on the host smartphone and comes under the list of popular ios tracking available for users. Sometimes it becomes quite a bit of necessity to track down your kids for parental observation purposes.


No one can deny the fact that children can fast get into wrong hands and thereby it’s up to the smart parents to track down every SMS message and be alarmed about anything nasty that might come on the way.

The app tracks devices without even letting them know that they are being tracked.

#9. Highster Mobile


This app offers some awesome services, but you have to make sure that your handset is compatible with the app as it supports quite a limited number of handsets. It is necessary that the host has the app installed on their smartphone.

#10. MobileSpy


This app stands out as one of the most effective and efficient solutions for tracking on the iOS platforms. There are different types of packages through which you can choose the one that fits your needs. They have quite competitive rates and customer support is also quite good which make this app quite a good option for monitoring.

Conclusion – The last thing that I wanted to put up before closing this article was that before you start tracking down anyone is sure that you comply with the laws in your area.

In some countries and states, it is not legal to track or monitor anyone. But I guess, it is not a problem if they are your kids, but if you are tracking down your boyfriend, you better be aware.

So, do you know any good tracking apps ? Tell us down in the comments below.