Iphone Apps for Small Business

8 Productivity iPhone Apps for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

iPhone Apps for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

When you are in the limelight, things aren’t that hard. But for small businesses and struggling Entrepreneurs, things are quite messy and tight.

Entrepreneurs like me, whose business depends on one single thing productivity, often have hard times in managing time and getting ourselves ready for the tough competition.

If you too own a small business or are an Entrepreneur who is struggling to get things done, below are some apps for your iPhone to help you out.

#1. Gusto


Payroll is a tough thing, and for people like me, who aren’t good at maths at all – it seems to be a boon to have Gusto. The app is formerly known as the ZenPayroll manages the entire payroll of your company. It handles matters such as online employee onboarding, state & federal tax filings and automates deductions for workers payments. It also reports the government when a new hiring is made. The app even pays stubs to the employees. The app comes at a base price of around $39 for one month or $6 per Employee. The app currently is being used by more than 25k clients.

#2. Quick Books


This app aims at providing companies a complete sense of their financial health. It can be used to track the sales of your business with expenses in parallel. You can also do various things such as view your financial statements including profit loss reports. You can also do things like paying your employees and vendors, track down your unpaid invoices and dozen more things.

The app connects to tons of different accounts including ( but not limited to ) your bank account, PayPal, credit cards, Square and much more. Once connected, you can upload data from these accounts flawlessly. The app makes it quite easy to manage your business taxes by helping you track down your expenses and upload receipts with your iPhone itself.

With this App, you can access this app across cross platform – android. Their plans range from $10 to $24 for starting 6 months and then price increases to $13 to $40.

#3. Addappt


Being a small business, it is quite hard to manage the contacts section. This app gives a relief to this thing by allowing your business associates, friends, and family to update their contact information on your Phone. The only thing they need is Addappt. The app also allows you to organize your contacts into different groups and send them messages. This app is free for both iOS and Android Users.

#4. Fuze


Having a remote team isn’t bad, communication gap is !

Fuze is an awesome video conferencing app that you can use to host all your online meetings. The app comes in all versions of iPhones, and operating systems. The app offers flawless, high definition communication along with crisp audio. Above everything, it is available free of cost. However small business can contact for custom pricing.

#5. Pushover


This app can be termed as the turnkey solution for businesses who have more than one phone or device. The app can send push messages to all your devices and notifications and messages can be managed from one common space.

The app comes with a free trial of 7 Days, and then it is a one-time $4.99 purchase. You can send around 7.5k messages every month and receive unlimited notifications on iPhones, Android, Apple Watches and iPads.

#6. Slack


This app is an instant messaging platform which you can use to organize your team discussions into separate private channels or public ones and even send direct messages. Dragging and dropping images, pdf or other files to share them is quite easy.

The app also indexes and archives your messages, file, and notifications on its own with no limits on a number of businesses you can add.

Companies who used this app witnessed around 32% increase in productivity, due to 48.6% reduced the number of emails and 25% reduce in meetings held after using this app.

Although you can use this app for free, but upgrading unlocks a lot of features and controls. Their standard plan costs around $8 per user and you can achieve your full team and make group or guest calls.

#7. Skype


Skype has been the industry standard for years. A lot of apps have tried to knock it off, but it has always been there with the throne. With around 8 million reviews, it is still popular and effective. The app can be used to transmit photos and files, share screens and call to a group as large as 25.

The basic version of this app is free, but if you want to upgrade, it starts at $5 per user for a month. It then integrates with Microsoft office and allows to hold calls with a group as large as 250 people. The best part is that it works on all devices and operating systems.

#8. Clear


This app comes with a twist, to save time and make itself easy to use. Adjusting items is quite easy and can be done by pulling them down the screen, pinching them or at last swiping them off if they are completed.

Users aren’t limited to only setting reminders to organize their daily tasks, they can also create and manage separate schedules and lists. Everything can be synced on your Mac and other apple devices. The app costs around $4.99 for iOS devices.

Conclusion – No doubt that smartphones can be a mind diverting tool, but if used in the right way, they can certainly help you in getting your work done quickly.

You can also use some music apps for iphone to tune into music  for productivity ( only if it doesn’t distract you ).

I am sure you too have some apps that you use to get things done quickly, share such apps in the comments below so that I can add more items to this list and make more awesome.

Also, in your opinion which platform is good for productivity, iPhone or Android ?