10 Best iPhone apps for book lovers
Everyone is defined by the choices they make in their life with only one objective probably to become successful in life and make it worth living. However, the journey that the person has to go through will ultimately make the person he wants to be. It’s always about the destiny that one seeks. For all this, you must follow the steps or footprints of someone great persons in order to be like them.

Well, what forms the basic foundation of your life is nothing but education. It is said that the first education start at home and then schooling paves the way for future success. In this competitive world, you must be way ahead than others in order to ace. So for this, you have to possess knowledge on various matters to beat the odds in the race. And hence, there is the only option and that is nothing but reading. Reading a small piece of article to book will make you not only knowledgeable but will also make you the man you want to be in your future.

With the world changing so rapidly and when innovations and modern technologies are taking our life to a different dimension, we can easily sit back and enjoy reading anything on our smartphones without even taking the trouble to visit a book store or a magazine shop to buy anything. You must possess the knowledge of the free apps, which will give you the ultimate satisfaction. For the iPhone users, you should keep in mind the following apps which are absolutely free and you can enjoy your favourite stuff without any interruptions.

The commonly used apps among the users of the iPhone are listed below which might be very handy for you if you are unaware of them.

#1. NOOK:

What the iPhone users look for, are the free apps that are very easy to use and also will make no trouble while using them. One such fantastic free app, which has touched the most iPhone users, is the NOOK. This is a wonderful free app and is one of the best iPhone apps for booklovers. This app serves you with five free standard e books, which is really amusing. What will even please you is the free dictionary of Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary available for free. Whatever you download can be stored in the cloud storage for further use. You can read them from a PC machine or your MAC. There are some wonderful feature added in this app which makes it even more gorgeous. You can easily change the background and choose the one you prefer. The text colour can also be altered. Being one of the best iPhone apps for book lovers, this app is bound to satisfy you with all the features.


Well, who could have thought of carrying a mini library in your small pocket. Kindle has beaten all the odds to make this possible. This awesome app lets you enjoy all the superb advantages as a user. There is a splendid feature known as the “Whispersync” which lets you read from where you have left in the middle of the road. It is very compatible with any gadgets. This is certainly one of the best iPhone apps for book lovers. Among all other free book apps for iPhone, Kindle has really emerged to ace the race. The app being one of the free book apps for iPhone has the features of a landscape or portrait mode, which is very compatible in any situation. You can choose your own library and customise it.

The collection will drive you crazy and will make you feel over the moon if you are an ardent reader. With collection ranging from fiction to non-fiction, the collection is well over 35, 00,000. What mesmerises the users are the availability of the free audio books. This saves your eyes from the going through the digital pad. You can easily share your books with any near and dear ones. You can organise your own reading and make it your own.


Among all the other free book apps for iPhone, Wattpad is the emerging library in the world. With numerous and heart touching collection of stories, this app is one of the best iPhone apps to read books in your leisure hours. You will get all the stories of the famous authors and you can search your favourite content by genres and place list them according to your choice. You will get new updates about the authors as well as the new stories or books that are present round the corner. There is an outstanding feature related to this app. You can publish your writing ups which can be anything ranging from books to novels, poetry or anything.

#4. KOBO:

With millions of e-books available here in one of the most popular iPhone apps to read books, Kobo is truly a wonder among the users. You can get reviews on the books or any articles. You can easily customise the reading style with lots of fonts and style changes. With lot of features at your fingertips, you can even share your views and what you are reading via social media.


One of the most sophisticated iPhone apps to read books is the Readability app which has taken the market by storm. It enables the enthusiastic readers to go through the huge number of collections without any pop ups or ads. You just need to sign up and the start your reading without any problem.

#6. ZINIO:

Well, there are lots of reading apps for iPhone but only a handful number of apps make the cut. Zinio, one of the best reading apps for iPhone users boasts of a huge collection of magazines and journals. Reading all these for free will help you to increase the knowledge as well as make you aware of the present scenario. With great interface and features, you will enjoy the experience of using this app.


Time is precious so we must make the best use of it. Pocket, one of the fast working reading apps for iPhone users. This app helps is really helpful and bridges the gap between your social life and the other one where you get absorbed in reading. The features are extraordinary which includes to save videos and also help you to check your things later in your leisure hours.

#8. iBooks:

iBooks is the default app for reading books by the iPhone users. This app is very user friendly in nature and lets you enjoy all the features. This app supports all types of formats for e-book ranging from ePub to PDF. If you are lost, then there is a magnifying glass which helps you to look for the word on a certain page. You can easily customise your reading style with full screen or regular. There is light controlling facility which will help you to adjust the lights.

#9. BILO:

Bilo, one of the most smart book apps for iphone will let you have the experience of reading the books in an enchanting way. With gorgeous style and interface, this app lets the user have a comfortable time with the latest collections and articles. The app is very easy to handle and you will enjoy using this. It allows you to custom the view in your own way. There is a virtual library available in this app which can be managed by you.


Bluefire is one of the standard book apps for iPhone users. The handling of the app is pretty easy and the texts are very much of the standard sixe. You can customise and enjoy the reading in your most favourable manner. There are quite a number of gorgeous themes to make it more enticing.

With so much to offer, the technology has really advanced and changed our lifestyle. So we must utilise in the right way to safeguard our future and make the world a better place to live in.

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