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Should I buy iPhone 7 or other iPhone version?


Some facts about iPhone 7 or other iPhone version

On the 7th September iPhone 7 going to be launched by the biggest brand of the smart phone company Apple. Every body is having curiosity about the iPhone 7, every body is searching and Google flooded with these kind of queries.  On an average 11,100,000 queries searched on the Google last month. why so ? Because people have a mind set that It will be legendary.Let me tell you why you should buy this super smart phone, I always heard that other smart phones are better than iPhone but it’s not 100% true believe me. The Facts about why iPhone are so special.

   Point 1 CPU

An iPhone has fewer CPU core(s). But the CPU cores it has are so powerful. A8 and A9 processors are the 64 bit architectural desktop class level processors so if you want to save your time and need your tasks done in lightning fast  manner, Purchase iPhone right now. I’m a business man and I also use iPhone because time is money for me.

 Point 2 RAM

Next point is about RAM Apple uses, these smarter phones  has less RAM. But it never hangs or never stuck         because the technology behind is “Reference Counting” , so discarded objects being deleted promptly instead of           wasting time in building up in the free space until a collection cycle of Garbage collector.

Point 3 Camera

All the versions of iPhone has good resolution camera, it uses Advanced pixel technology. Both front camera   and back camera are really good. you can click professional photos with it.  Even a group on Facebook of                        iPhone photographers.

Point 4 Battery

The power backup is the main thing in every smart phone that counts while thinking to purchase. This smart phone power full battery, it’s really good, it can give you more then 32 hour of standby in power saver mode (an advanced feature of iOS) and in can give backup of 12 hours  in harsh uses. Personally I really happy with this feature.

Many more features are there so prove it’s the best smart phone ever for general day to day users .The iOS is simplest to use among all Operating systems.

The App Store is fort to more than 10,00,000 apps (3,50,000 iPad ) & most of them still happen to hit the App Store first.

Security, which is  great concern these days, since most of us carry highly important data and documents on our smart phones, has been iOS’s forte. iOS is  more strong, more robust and  lesser susceptible to attacks as compared to the other operating systems.As I know few years (months) ago  the US forces dumped blackberry devices in favor of iOS devices , the reasons were security and pricing.

Graphics are very good specially who love playing games on smart phones, App store has good games for game lovers.

iPhone device generally have a  longer life, approx. 3 plus years. this smart phone looks great in your hand  and looks catchy always, No matter how much it old, whether it is iPhone 4, 5, 6 or even iPhone 3GS.

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I recommend iPhone, It depends on your need that which version you requires for your need, if you are really thinking to buy a new smart phone to manage your daily tasks and want better management of your calls, emails, social networking and other things better than other, don’t delay just buy it.

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