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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Health and Fitness

The advent of technology in the contemporary world, has led to a profound impact on our personal lives. Deep down, we all know the importance of a healthy lifestyle, but making sure we work on it every day, often feels like a chore.

Apple Inc. strived and succeeded in eliminating the need for a dedicated trainer or a gym membership. The iPhone in your pockets is more than enough; enabling you to track your activities and stay fit.

A random study in 2015 revealed that ‘staying fit’ and ‘losing weight’ were hands down the two most common new year resolutions and the same holds good for 2016 too. Apps have turned to be an ideal companion for achieving your fitness and weight loss resolutions.

So, what’s holding you back?

Below, is a detailed list of top 10 fitness apps for iPhone that will aide you to accomplish your fitness goals:


#1. Carrot Fit:

The reason most people opt for gym trainers is because there’s someone to continuously berate you and stand on your head to ensure, that you complete your exercises for the day. Imagine if you had an iPhone fitness app to do exactly the same! Most fitness apps would try to pleasantly boost you to lose weight but Carrot Fit isn’t one of those. The initial step the app takes is to declare itself as your fitness overlord and then commences a train of continuous judgments and castigations until you reach the desired weight.

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#2. GymGoal:

It’s one of the best fitness apps for iPhone. It acts as the most proficient and extensible workout planner there is. It very efficiently plans your workout to help you to achieve your goals. It also contains a catalogue of almost 300 exercises with animations and sequential instructions. It even gives an option to add your own custom exercise. It has a feature to track your strength and cardio workouts, circuit training etc.

It can also be used to get a detailed workout history by muscle, thus showing you the muscles that might have been neglected. And the best part is that this iPhone fitness app does not require an internet connection, as everything is stored right on your local storage.

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 #3. RunKeeper:

It’s a free fitness app for your iPhone, that lets you track all your body movements while you exercise. It is very efficient in tracking your workouts, runs and bike rides. Further the results of the tracking are then used for calculating your running speed, cycling pace, route distance and as well as the calories burnt, all in real time. This iPhone fitness app also includes a feature that gives you voice updates while you exercise to make sure that you are aware of the speed and calories burnt.

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#5. Run Tempo:

Extensive research has revealed that the right music can help you dash through a vigorous workout and even help you burn up to 20% more calories without even realizing it! ‘Run Tempo’ is one of the best fitness apps for iPhone, it scans your music library, categorizing your tracks and recommending the right tunes for your run.

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#6. Just Dance Now:

Not everyone’s definition of a workout is to go to the gym and spend time lifting weights or running. It might not be a specific fitness app for iPhone but it is a great catalyst for those who just want to get down the bed and start exercising! ‘Just Dance’ is a rhythmic game series which allows the players to follow the movements of dancers on the screen. It lets you play anywhere and anytime you want.

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#7. Argus:

It’s a well designed free fitness app for iPhone with a plethora of useful attributes so that you can track your physical activity. Moreover, it amalgamates with gadgets outside the Apple bionetwork. It gives a universal suggestion of how dynamic you are every day, by tracking your day-to-day activities, such as how many steps you take each day and how many calories you burn. You can also include in it any additional workouts done by you and it even keeps a check on your hydration levels.

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#8. Map my Fitness:

As they say, the only missing thing from this package is a big red bow. This is simply a one-stop shop fitness app for iPhone. It breaks down every scenario of your fitness schedule and keeps you on track using nothing but your iPhone’s GPS. This app collects and logs all your workouts, thus giving you the freedom to concentrate on overcoming that last obstacle. It also rewards the user with achievements and virtual high fives. You can push yourself even further by accepting a challenge thrown by the app.

It even keeps a track of everything you eat, specifically their nutritional values and gives a clear picture of where you stand. It also enables you to maintain a sports gear tracker, that allows you to add your athletic shoes and to avoid common injuries and also sends a notification when it’s time for a new pair.

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#9. Lose it!

Obesity has plagued the present era. The alarming rate with which it has increased, is a cause of grave concern. ‘Lose it!’ is a free fitness app for iPhone that primarily focuses on shredding those extra pounds. It focuses on weight and keeps in check your calorie intake and calories burnt on a day to day basis. It includes an exercise log and a food diary. The app allows its users to set and achieve weight goals and track their progress with a graph. Calories can even be tracked by scanning bar codes on packaged food items and the tracker covers not only calories but also nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

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#10. RockMyRun:

It’s one of the best fitness apps for iPhone, for those who love listening to music while running. This app ensures that you listen in the exact tempo that you would want to. It changes the tempo of your tracks based on your footfalls and/or heart rate, and if rather you try to make your feet match up with the music then you can even set custom tempo for your playlist. It includes a wide array of genres ranging from R&B to classical, ‘RockMyRun’ has a huge collection of music to choose from, thus making it a must app for your iPhone.

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