email apps for iphone

Email Apps for iPhone To Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any Emails

email apps for iphone

email apps for iphoneMost of the emails in your inbox may be from your newsletter subscriptions or website sign-ups, but there is no denying the fact that some emails are important. To make sure that you don’t miss any such email, you must have some essential Email apps for iPhone installed in your device.

To make sure you don’t have to go through the hassle of selecting them all by yourself, below are some of the best of email applications that you can use to handle your emails.

5+1 Essential Email Apps for iPhone 2016

#1. Boxer [Paid]


On one hand, it is quite an expensive app ( costs around 3.99 ) but if you see the positive side is the richest email apps when weighed in terms of features. This app supports all the major email platforms such as Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, Hotmail, outlook, and IMAP as well.

But the main reason that I love this app is due to its cloud storage integration i.e. the ability of users to attach files from Dropbox or Box while composing a new message. The app even includes a wide array of swipe actions that you can use to delete, archive, mark emails.

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You can also assign profile photos for those who send you emails. This app provides a unique touch by providing the ability to like messages. It has smart features such as HTML signature and Evernote integration.

#2. CloudMagic [ Free ]


This app aims at providing a unique and unified inbox experience for all of your email accounts. This includes Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Google Apps, Outlooks, Microsoft Exchange, AOL, Office 365 and even IMAP accounts.

In particular, I like its flat design and setup process which works flawlessly. Another awesome feature it provides is its integration with Zendesk, Pocket,, OneNote, MailChimp, Trello. This way you can perform essential actions from this app itself.

#3. Dispatch [ Paid ]


Just like other apps mentioned in this list, Dispatch also has a lot of similar features. It supports myriad accounts along with swappable gestures etc. The main feature that you should stick your eyes on is its snippets feature. This term is a frequently used reply that you can use to common queries that you get.

For example, if you get asked for the quote, again and again, you can save it as a snippet and use it as many times as you want. Apart from this, the app also has some third party integration such as 2 Days, Chrome, Asana, Dolphin, Droplr, Drafts, Finish, Google translate, Google Maps, Message, Pocket, Skype and much more.

#4. Gmail [ Free ]


There can be a lot of reasons why your default mail isn’t supporting Gmail. Now, it is you who has to decide, whether it is apple or email servers who are hard to work and quite complex. But if you are like me, whose majority of emails are exchanged from Gmail, you should download the Gmail app from Google.

The app is only tailored for using Gmail and doesn’t have as many cool features as the others on this list, but if you are only using Gmail – this app is what you need. The app is strong and includes a powerful search feature, along with nice notifications, and an awesome interface.

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#5. Inbox By Gmail [ Free ]

This is the brand new email app from Google. It was launched a while ago and is currently available for both iOS and android. The app aims to remove the distractive stuff and help users only focus on what is most important to them. Google has complied variety of tools and features right under the fingertips.

The features are mentioned below –

  • BUNDLES – This feature bundles together similar messages so that you can tackle them all at once or get rid of them under one tap.
  • HIGHLIGHTS – This is one feature that I personally adore. It helps you get the crucial information without even opening the message itself.
  • REMINDERS – Along with emails, you can also add Reminders to make sure that you are up to date with what to do.
  • SNOOZE : Don’t you just love this feature in your alarm clocks ?  High Fives ! The same feature in inbox lets you snooze reminders and emails so that you are ready to deal with them when you check inbox again may be the next week, or maybe next hour.
  • SEARCH – This feature was made to help you quickly find what you exactly need, it can be your friend’s address or details of your upcoming flights.
  • GMAIL – The app is built by Gmail team, thereby all your messages from Gmail are already here and along with them comes spam protection and reliability.

#6. InboxCube [ Free ]


The app is a powerful email client that innovates. On one hand it supports platforms like Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, iCloud and IMAP, and on the other hand, it has awesome push notifications and much more.

The app completely renovates your inbox and this is what makes it so cool. You can set up cubes which are mainly saved searches made for the different type of emails that have different types of attachments. For example, you can make cubes of photos, Word documents, Excel sheets, PDF’s and much more.

Once you tap on these cubes, you’d be able to see every mail with that kind of attachment displayed in a beautiful manner on your screen. Now this is what I’d say a brilliant way in which you can arrange and view attachments from your iPhone itself.


A lot of times it has happened to me that someone calls me over and says that they emailed me two weeks back and are still waiting for the reply. Then I browse through my inbox to search for their email to reply.

I used to miss a lot of such emails, but not after I installed some of these apps on my smartphone. I spend most of my time with my smartphone, and thus notifications make sure that I don’t miss any email.

Let me know which email apps do you use to make sure you don’t wish your important emails.