Diet Apps for iPhone

Best Diet Plan Apps for iPhone

best diet plan apps for iPhone 2016

What is the need of struggling every day in our life if we are not having a healthy and joyful life? We strive hard to live a happy life and not to fill the pockets of the big corporations. For a healthy life, we need to take care of many things. We need to workout or do Yoga every day, and follow a diet plan to keep our body healthy and fit. Health does not only mean our physical body but also our mental state and to decrease our stress we need to perform something that interests us like reading a book or listening to music.

Previously we have listed apps on maintaining healthy and fit body and lose weight. Now we have listed some of the Best Diet Plan Apps for iPhone which helps not only to plan your diet but also motivate you and communities to guide.

Best Diet Plan Apps for iPhone

1# My Diet Coach:

My Diet Coach helps you to count the no of calories you take and tracks your food habits. It is not only a regular weight loss or weight maintaining app but also a good motivator, it shows you motivational photos regularly, so your intentions do not change over time. Food cravings panic button will provide you with motivational quotes, stopwatch, badges to keep your food cravings at low.

My Diet Coach allows you to set reminders to drink water, eat slowly, check your weight. You can plan your daily diet in dairy which also provides you with calories of each food you take to keep track on your calorie intake.

My Diet Coach is one of the best diet apps for iPhone especially for women to maintain their body. The app comes with many basic and creative options which help not only to lose weight but also prevents you from losing your interest in reducing or maintaining weight.

2# Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate:

Weight Loss Coach had many options to explore with many impressive, easy to use and unique features. These helps you not only to reduce your weight or maintain it but also keep your body healthy. It tracks your food, sleep, activity, mood and exercise by integrating with other apps.

One best feature of Weight Loss Coach is it provides you the nutritional quantity of more than 250,000 products in the market and grades them. It not only gives you amount of calories in foods but also their quality by providing info about their sugars, addictive’s, MSG and many other unhealthy items.

This app had a thriving community where you can ask questions and get feedback from others. Weight Loss Coach is an award winning app and also Apples best in iPhones healthy and fitness category.

3# MyFitnessPal:

My Fitness Pal is fantastic fitness and calorie counter app. It helps you to plan your Diet according to your food intake, exercise and provide you with detailed statistics to keep you on track. It also provides you good motivation to maintain your body.

My Fitness Pal had the largest database of products and their nutritional information with almost 6 Million products and growing. It allows you to add their recipes and foods. Users can connect with more than 50 apps to sync the data from those apps including Apple health. Just scanning a barcode of a product in your nearby supermarket provides you with all the information regarding the product.

MyFitnessPal is a Free calorie counter app for iPhone and one of the most loved calorie counter app and is at the top place on the App Store Health and Fitness category.

4# Lose It!:

Lose It! Is another calorie counting app with many easy to use and creative options to lose your weight and keep motivated. You can set goals, and the app provides you with healthy options like calories intake and helps you to track from your mobile.

Lose It! Contributes to planning your daily diet with the information on calories and nutrition. You can check your calories, nutrition and meals charts to keep track of your body. Users can connect to many other fitness and social media apps so Lose It! can get more data regarding your exercise from fitness gadgets and Apple Watch.

Lose It! provides users with challenges, points, Badges and much more to compete with others which will help you to be sportive on your way to losing your weight. It is best diet app for free and had a rating of 4 stars from 368k users.

5# Calorie Counter by FatSecret:

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is easy to use calorie counter app with easy steps to follow and track all the necessary details to plan your diet. Fatsecret had an excellent interactive community where you can interact with other users and professionals for support.

Food diary helps you to add all your food intake or you are planning to take to get the nutrition information about the food. Using barcode scanner you can scan many food items in supermarket and decide to purchase or not. This app is available for Apple Watch and can also be connected with Apple Health to transfer data mutually.

6# Lifesum:

­Lifesum is the best health and fitness app for 2014/15 in App Store and best Apple Watch app of 2015. It helps you to track your water consumption, meal intake, and workout. Lifesum provides good healthy recipes according to your goals which help to reduce your food craving for taste.

The app can integrate with Apple Health to sync the data from it and other fitness apps for data on exercise which is available for premium users. Lifesum helps a lot to plan your daily meals to reduce or maintain your body.

7# HealthyOut:

HealthyOut is the best app to keep check of your diet intake. This app not tracks your daily intake of regular food but tracks the intake of food you take in restaurants and fast food chains by providing the menu of the restaurants with all the nutrition data. HealthyOut is for now available only for US residents.

With this app you can find food in your area with different options like low-carb, low-fat food, high protein food and many other options to choose. Then the app provides you the information of the food and the restaurant where it is served. This app helps you mostly when you are traveling to new places and cities.

8# Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers is a popular weight loss apps and also helps to keep track of your die. The App is totally based on points where you will get the points for exercise and food you take based on their healthiness.

Weight Watchers can scan the food items in a supermarket and provides you with their nutritional data. It recommends you with various recipes and foods and can connect to Apple Health App and other fitness apps to sync more data on your diet and health. Users can share their achievements with its community connect!

Select the best diet plan app to maintain your health and weight. Lossing weight does not mean to just decrease weight you need to take care of the health. Lossing weight without health is a bad practice which should be avoided.

Finally here are our best diet plan app. What is your favorite diet plan app? Please use our comment section below.