Best Pregnancy workout apps

Top Pregnancy Workout Apps for Health Aware Pregnant Moms

top pregnancy workout apps

Don’t you just love there is an app for almost everything ?

For driving, we have GPS navigation apps, For enjoying different moods we have music apps, for passing the time we have awesome games and there are even apps for feeding.

But what for health issues, such as pregnancy ?

There are apps even for that to make sure that tech and health aware moms are able to take care of themselves. Below are the top apps I recommend for workouts to pregnant women.

Top Pregnancy Workout Apps

  1. Pregnant and Fit [ Paid ]

pregenant and fit

There are so many apps in every category that the mess makes it hard to select the perfect ones. The aim helps moms to improve their fitness by making them aware of their bodies. It does that by offering examples of postures, strengthening and stretching exercises that are believed to give moms a sense of calmness and reduce the pain.

What came as a red mark was that the app gave an acceptable disclaimer that this app can’t safeguard your health, and every user must consent her doctor before purchasing this application to perform the mentioned exercises.

Despite everything, this application comes out with a 4-star rating.

  1. Kegel Trainer [ Free ]

kegal trainer

The app recommends exercises which are good for both men & women but the focus is essentially on pregnant women. The set of exercises recommended in this app help in strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. This helps women during and even after her pregnancy.

The app contains around 10 different exercises that prevent you getting bored and challenge your muscles at the same time.

The has one more thing to notice, the icon of the app and notifications are discreet.

  1. Baby Bump [ Paid ]


This app has the aim to be the best friend of the couple who is expecting a baby. This app comes for both android and ios users and helps you track the progress of pregnancy, connect with pregnant women like you, discover awesome products for baby care and also create a birth plan for the special day.

Not only this, the app has a lot more to offers, such as calculate the due date since the last menstrual period took place, personal pregnancy countdown, weekly pictures of the embryo of the baby, changes in body, symptoms, weight and waist tracking.

So much in one app, right ?

The app has been the winner of BestApp of 2011 and has an awesome 4.5-star rating.

  1. Pregnancy Workout Advisor [ Free ]

pregnancy workout advisor

Isn’t its name very self-explanatory ?

The app contains a little piece of everything, right from workout designs for every stage up to illustrated instructions along with text, it has everything.

One of its handy features is its weight tracker and an additional section which has descriptions of most comfortable and suitable positions as your belly starts growing.

This app also has one growth section for baby and option to locate services you might need around you.

  1. iContraction [ Paid ]


We all know that contractions indeed are some of the initial interactions that take place between the baby and mother. This app aims to help the mom remember and keep track of those.

To achieve this, the app allows users to tally the regular patterns of contractions, email its logs to users so that moms can print them out and book appointments with doctors.

The app comes at a very affordable price and has been rated 4 out of 5 stars with a lot of positive reviews in its pocket.

  1. Prenatal Workouts [ Free ]

parental workouts

If you don’t want to fall into complications and are only looking for a lower impact workout app during your pregnancy time, this app is worth giving a shot.

The app comprises of several workouts which are based on yoga are specifically designed for the trimester. Each of the exercises is no longer than 20 minutes. For doing these yogas, you don’t need special clothing or equipment, they can be done anywhere, anytime.

For the fact that you don’t run out of motivation, they also have simple graphics which are quite easy to follow and they have a timer to make sure that you do everything in the right amount of time.

  1. What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby [ Free ]

what to expect

This app offers personalized content which is catered to the about to be mom based on her due date. Every week, the app gives you some information regarding your pregnancy which tells how big is your baby.

The app also provides you with interesting news, blog posts from other moms.

And that’s not even the best part ! The best part is that it provides exclusive discounts and deals for the moms. There are several positive reviews regarding this app.

  1. Sculpt My Pregnancy [ Free ]


Pregnancy can be a hard time, especially it if causes pains and aches in the back due to labor. To cope with that problem, the app provides you with series of exercises and stretches which would help in relieving pelvic and back pain.

The app has exercises which were developed by “certified physical therapists” and trainers. They exercise help in increasing your flexibility, balance, and strength, during and after your pregnancy.

  1. Baby Names !! [ Free ]

Another app with a very self-explanatory name !

This app helps parents in the very important and confusing task of naming their newborn. With around 30k names in their ever growing database, there is a strong chance that you will find a name that you like.

The app will also provide you the origin of the name, the way it is pronounced and how popular it is.

A lot of users who used this app have reported that they love the easy to use and clear user interface of this app.

Conclusion – I understand that pregnancy can be a hard time, but trust me, it is an awesome memory.

Spend time with your loved ones, and take these apps on a test drive along with you.