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Best Keyboard Apps For iOS 9

10 Best keyboard apps for apple iphone 2016

Ever since June 2014 release of IOS 8 version with access to install thirdparty keyboard apps there are tons of keyboard apps released for iPhone and iPad with many unique and creative features better than the Apple’s stock keyboard and some keyboard apps are no way similar to stock keyboard. Here are 10 best keyboards for iPhone in the App Store with more features like swiping over the keyboard, adding GIF’s, emoji’s, customizing with themes and custom pictures, location based keyword suggestions and many other different features. Before going further make sure you are not busy and check out one by one to select best suitable to you.

#Swift Keyboard:

Out of all thirdparty keyboards for iPhone SwiftKey is the best keyboard. It had a ton of features like highly accurate text predictions and auto correct, swiping over keyboard instead of tapping every letter, multi-language options and easy access to emoji’s. You can create an account in the app which loads all your data inputs and stats by which you can connect all your devices to same account and get the same prediction across all your devices. SwiftKey is available for free in App Store and you can customize by changing colors of the keyboard and add different themes by purchasing them within the app.

#2 Gboard:

Gboard which is an exclusive iPhone app from Google is one best keyboard for iPhone, which had one unique feature which no other keyboard would provide that is Google search option within the keyboard. Yes, you can search anything from the keyboard like if you are texting your date, and you need to send her a hotel address for which you need to switch to a browser and paste here the address. With Gboard all you need to do is type the name of the hotel and click G-button on the top left corner of the app and that’s it you get your address with a single tap and with another tap you complete the task. Similarly, you can search for anything like GIF’s, videos, emoji’s and much more and all with a single tap. Gboard is having an option called glide which is similar to swiping in SwiftKey by which you can glide your fingers across the letters without tapping them and Gboard is free to download and use.

#3 Fleksy:

If you are searching for a keyboard to increase your typing speed with more accuracy, then Fleksy is the one you are looking for. It had a very powerful auto correction, and it had unique software that predicts your words more accurately even though you placed your finger in a nearby wrong letter which makes your typing faster than ever. Fleksy had a feature to install various extensions like one hand typing, number row, hotkeys which you can customize to add URL’s, email ID’s, contact numbers etc. There are different types of extensions available, and one can add up to four extensions at a time for free and can pay money to add more extensions. Fleksy had more than 40 languages to add. There are many other features like GIF’s, emoji’s and themes to customize.

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#4 Swype:

Swype is the first keyboard app to introduce the swiping feature in its Windows and Android smartphones which now most of the keyboards had and is have vast experience in this feature which makes the app more accurate and efficient among other thirdparty keyboards for iPhone. It had many languages to use, inbuilt emoji collection and 5 animated themes which are free and remaining are to be brought to use. Users can add words to their dictionary by tapping the word and selecting the add option and similarly can remove a word too. Swype is available on App Store for 0.99$.

#5 TouchPal:

TouchPal is another alternative keyboard for iPhone with a lot of similar features like text predictions, auto correct, tapping and swiping inputs similar to SwiftKey and Swype. It had 800+ emoji collection, many languages to choose from. But it had a lot of creative features like text arts which add special characters to text to make it more attractable, click sounds which enable you to choose a sound when you are typing, emoji art will make your emoji’s more artistic and attractive. TouchPal had a ton of features to customize your keyboard with themes, background images, adding colors to letters and more. It had gesture input which lets you show numbers when you swipe up, swipe down for symbols and to delete a word you can swipe left. If you are looking for a more creative keyboard for your iPhone, then TouchPal is the best keyboard for iPhone, and it is entirely free to use with no in-app purchases.

#6 Minnium:

Minnium is a lot different from the other custom keyboard IOS apps available for iPhone. In Minnium all the letters in a qwerty keyboard are compressed into a single row which makes you type careful for accuracy, but no problem Minnium had a very dominant software which predicts the word you are typping, faster than you type. Minnium will occupy less space in your mobile and allows you to view more, it is the best keyboard for iPhone once get used to if you need more display to be visible when you are using the keyboard. It is available on App Store for 3.99$.

#7 Emoji> :

Emoji app with 50 million+ downloads and a rating of more than 4.5+ is one of the most loved emoji apps by iPhone users. It had thousands of emoji’s and stickers available for users to use with many animated emoji’s. It is also customizable with many themes available in the app. Emoji can be utilized across all apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and many more other communication apps. Emoji is best alternative keyboard app for iPhone if you like to use emoji’s while texting. Emoji keyboard is free to install but to remove adds you need to purchase inside the app.

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#8 Word Flow:

Word Flow keyboard for iPhone had a special feature which is it can be used with one hand conveniently. Selecting one-hand mode in the keyboard app it will place all the letters in one of the corners of the keyboard in a curved design which can be operated with your thumb instead for fingers and can be located on right side or left side based on your preference. There are also a lot of themes to customize for users, and the App is available in App Store for free.

#9 Go Keyboard:

Go keyboard is one best keyboard for iPhone if you are looking for a more customized iPhone keyboard. It provides 100+ themes with regular updates, 40 languages and 60 types of keyboard layouts, lots of stickers at the tip of your fingers. It had the features for the latest 3D touch which pop-ups emoji’s which are assigned to a letter and 1000+ emoji’s in emoji section. It had almost all other regular features like auto-correct, swiping, predictions and much more. It is free in App Store to install and many more themes and other features for in-App purchases.

#10 Themeboard:

Featured by Apple, Appadvice, Macworld, imore and many more Themeboard keyboard lets you customize iPhone keyboard with designs which are created by best designers and illustrators in the world which can be downloaded in the app many available for free and paid. Themeboard app had almost all the features of default Apple keyboard and imports all the shortcuts from the default keyboard. Themeboard is one best app for iPhone who are looking for more customization of the keyboard.

A good Keyboard is essential to be faster, efficient, accurate and continent to use every day so these are our 10 Best Keyboard Apps for iPhone out of many keyboard apps available in App store with many inefficient and sloppy apps with fewer features.

What is your best keyboard app for your iPhone or iPad app? What difference does it make from the Apple’s default keyboard? Please share using the comment section below.