Best iPhone Photo editing Apps 2016

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Best Photo editing apps for iPhone 2016

One Trillion! No, they are not the number of photo editing Apps available, but they are the number of photos taken in just 2015 – thanks to the number of smartphone users.

For such vast number of pictures, there will be a good requirement for better photo editing tools with high-quality features.

Here are our 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone for photographers similar to our app list for yoga learning and Health apps for fitness freaks. 

Best Photo Editing Apps

#1 PicsArt Photo Studio:

If you are looking for a robust photo editing app for your iPhone, then picsArt is a perfect choice. It had way lot of features that many feel it is one wrong in the app.

PicsArt had hundreds of photo editing tools, filters, text art, stickers and much more other options. You can also use the camera with live filters and effects, built in college maker and you can also use for drawing and painting.

You can import your images directly from all most all the key social media networks into picsArt and edit them.  It had a global community with thousands of active users for creative and artistic people who will inspire and collaborate with you.

PicsArt had 250 million plus users in iOS devices and a 4.5-star rating from 25000 users makes it one of the best free photo editing app for iPhone users.

#2 Pixlr Express:

In 2008 Pixlr was founded in Sweden and later in 2011 it was acquired by software giant Autodesk. It is available for a vast number of devices from PC’s, Mac to smartphones and tablets.

to share your edited photos easily is famous for much easy to use editing tools which have hundreds of effects and filters. Almost 2 million combinations are possible with effects in Pixlr.It had many unique features like Double Exposure, color splash, stylizing and focal blur which add impressive effects to regular images.

Sharing of your photos will be easy with Pixlr app on your iPhone.

Pixlr is one best image editor apps and is available for free in App Store and 2$ for ads removal.

#3 Facetune:

Facetune is a perfect photo editing app for selfies, and it provides many features which make your selfies more attractive and beautiful.

Facetune had a lot of inbuilt tutorials which help you on how to use the features in the app. It had many beauty effects to whiten your teeth for a perfect smile, smooth for perfect skin, remove dark circles or blemishes.

Facetune helps to easily share your edited photos directly to social networks. Facetune had an almost 5-star rating from 7000 users in the App Store, which makes it perfect photo editor app and all of this at a price tag of just 2 dollars.

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#4 Perfect 365:

Perfect 365 is a virtual makeup app with many beauty and makeup tools like liners, lipsticks, and almost 200 one tap hot styles to choose from.

Perfect 365 can automatically detect important beauty points such has eyes, nose, and lips and adds effects accordingly for precise beauty. There are many tutorials available for the app, and it gives you daily tips for fashion and beauty.

Similar to all photo editing apps Perfect 365 also provides options to share your images to social networks.

Overall Perfect 365 is a perfect image editor app for girls and women and is available in App Store for free to install and in-app purchases for hot styles and options.

#5 BeFunky:

BeFunky is another free photo editing app with photo editor and college maker. College maker in BeFunky can place up to 9 photos in a college with backgrounds, stickers, and creative designs.

Other than college it had other features similar to other photo editing apps like editing tools, frames, overlays, touch ups, stickers, effects and many more. It had an active Facebook page with almost 2 million likes and daily posts about new features, tips, effects.

While BeFunky is free to install with no ads, registration, limitations or watermarks but there are many other effects which you can buy in-app.

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#6 Pic Collage:

As the name suggests, Pic College is a wonderful college picture making app. It had almost everything to create a perfect college on your iPhone.

You can import pictures using camera roll or directly from your social networks. It had many artistic designs, templates, and layouts for colleges. Pic College had the search feature which allows to search and download different pics, gifs, backgrounds or anything from the internet.

Pic College is one of the most loved apps by all the ages and had a user base of 120 million+ and a rating of almost 5 in the App Store by 1 lakh+ users. Pic College is the most useful app for creating colleges on your iPhone.

#7 Prisma:

Prisma, which is the latest trend among social networks, is a simple A.I based photo editing app.

Prisma turns your ordinary photos into works of art based on the artworks of famous artists such as Munk, Picasso, and many other great artists. It uses advanced technological combinations of neural networks and Artificial Intelligence which create these masterpieces of art.

Prisma is a must try app for everyone to create impressive images and share them to social networks to impress their friends. It is available for free in the App Store with no in-app purchase at the time of this post.

#8 PicLab Studio:

PicLab Studio is a more advanced photo editing software with many innovative and robust features. It had many features which are not available in other photo editor apps like layer based editing, moods, shapes, font installation, and projects.

You can create creative designs with advanced text and art tools. It had extensive collection of artwork designs from which one can choose according to their taste.

Many professional designers use PicLab Studio for their business cards, logo designing, featured images, event promotion and many other designer works.

PicLab Studio is available on App Store for 3.99$ which is worth the price with all the features it provides, I would say it very less price for such a rich features app.

#9 Snapseed:

Being named the best iPad app of the year 2011 by Apple and one of the 100 Best Apps by PC magazine in 2015 Snapseed is undoubtedly one of the best photo editing app for iPhone.

Other than all the features like editing tool, retouch and filters it had gesture-based editing is an excellent feature it had which shows you real time changes in the picture.

With the latest upgrade of Snapseed it now provides options to share your photos to social networks with ease.

Snapseed is available for free in App Store with no in-app purchases. Even though Snapseed is free to use but its tools are so high level that it is seen as a PC software for iPhone, and initially it takes some time to understand the tools.

#10 Split Pic:

Split Pic is another free photo editing app for iPhone with many decent and unique features. It best to edit selfie pictures and to create colleges from many free layouts available.

One best feature of Split Pic is you can easily clone yourself. You can blend two images to look line one photo and can share them to almost all social networks quickly.

With a rating of 4.5+ from 1 lakh+ users in the App Store Split Pic is a must try photo editing tool for your iPhone and it is available for free and users can purchase many other features and effects in the app.

So here is our final list of photo editing apps for iPhone with many creative and innovative features.

Do you agree with our list? What is your favorite photo editing app? What kind of pictures do you take more or like to edit? Please use our comment box for any suggestion.