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Best iPhone News Apps - Top 10

best iphone news apps 2016

Best iPhone News Apps list is done beacause people are adapting to new technologies, over the last century the way people reading the had changed thrice from newspaper to radio, then to television, but in the last two decades it changed twice, from television to web and now from web to mobile which is very fast and quick.

Similar to the way people changing their habits there are a lot of changes in the way news is created and published. People are more attracted to news and social media aggregator apps instead of reading from a single source or publishers.

With many Essential and Useful iPhone apps list here is our 10 best iPhone news apps list.

Best iPhone News Apps

#1 CNN App:

CNN had started in 1980’s and launched the first 24/7 news channel in the US. From then it had been updating itself to every new technology from a TV channel to website and now it even had Apple Watch based app for news.

CNN had increased its network multi-folds and had become a global network for reporting breaking news, stories, entertainment, and world news with 24 hrs coverage across the globe. It provides live weather, traffic and local news using the GPS technology.Users can also contribute to the network by sending photos and videos to CNN networks.

CNN is the best news app for iPhone to be updated on daily news and stories.

#2 Flipboard:

Flipboard is a news and social network aggregator app where you can login to most of the social networks, get feed and you can follow many News publications.

Flipboard’s magazine-style format is what it makes unique among other news apps. It is also one among few apps where you can get your article from your RSS feed. You can follow a large number of topics available, and it had support for more than 15 languages.

With Flipboard you can save stories for reading later or offline. It is also having an app for Apple Watch. Flipboard is best news app for iPhone where you can find all the content at one place for your morning.

#3 SmartNews:

SmartNews is a free news app for iPhone and another news and content aggregator app which works with almost 1500 news and content publishers. Its algorithms provide trending and fresh content available.

It had a very simple to use interface which lets you to change between topics with ease. You can connect with social media accounts and provides all your social feed in social tab.

SmartNews automatically updates its content according to pre-set timings to load inside the app. This makes content available for offline and you can always enjoy the fresh content with or without internet.

SmartNews had been awarded best app of the year for 2013 by both iOS and Android and it had been very popular in Japan and picking up in the US.

#4 Feedly:

Gone are the days where you subscribe or follow a single news publisher and now the world had moved onto news aggregator apps. Feedly is yet another news aggregator app for iPhone but loaded many features.

Feedly is among very few services which offer RSS feed support. With closure of Google Reader Feedly had gained a millions of users. It had support of social media integration so users can view and share their feed directly from the app.

It can also be connected with many productive apps like Evernote, Pocket, IFTTT and many more. Users can bookmark the article to read for later but it will not be available for offline.

It is a must try app for everyone, not only for daily news but also for in depth research for students and professional with its easy to use search bar. Feedly is the best app among the news aggregator apps with many unique and innovative feature.

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#5 News 360:

News360 is a personalized news for iPhone, and it collects content from 100000 sources and provides you best content based on your likes.

You can connect to many social media networks and get their feed. You can also share or save the article to social media and other productive apps directly from the app.

Users can save the article for offline reading. Users can choose their content preferences from many topics and sources.

With a rating of 4.5 from 15k+ users in iTunes, it is best news app for iPhone which available for free with no in-app purchases in App Store.

#6 Instapaper:

Instapaper is an award-winning news app for iPhone with save it later feature for offline reading is one of the best features. It also aggregates news from top publishing sites.

You can change the app according to your preferences like colour changing, themes, spacing options and highlighting text. Its Text to speech feature which reads you the article for you with inbuilt voice is a good one.

Most of the features of Instapaper are free to use but you can unlock more features in the app by subscribing to the app. It is one of the best app for iPhone for travelers because of its offline feature.

#7 Newsy:

Newsy is a like a regular news app from a single publisher with breaking news, stories and news about tech, finance, entertainment and more but Newsy had a innovate feature which differentiate it from other.

It produces short form of videos for more understanding and informative. It also available for Apple TV and had an award for best app for Apple TV.

Newsy is the best news app for those who are looking for a video streaming app for their iPhone and it is completely free to install with no in app purchases.

#8 Newsify:

Newsify is an all-round app which collects content from news publishers, RSS feed, blogs and from many other sources. Newsify can sync with all your devices for more refreshed content across devices.

It had night mode feature to read comfortably before going to bed. It can connect and share with your social media account. Users can save articles for to read later when you are offline.

Newsify also had Apple watch app and it is free to install and users can pay in app purchases to get rid of ads.

#9 Google News & Weather:

Google News & Weather is a news aggregator app for iOS similar to its web-based version Google News with easy to use card feature.

This app curates content from almost 75000 sources and uses AMP pages for more user experience. It had many topics to choose from according to your preferences.

It had editions from nearly 60 countries and had 26 languages. Google News & Weather is best news app for iPhone which is available for free in iPhone.

#10 News Beat Radio:

News Beat radio provides podcasts for top stories which are selected from the top publishers. News Beat Radio is best news app for those who like to listen to news on the go by just plugging earphones.

The app provides various categories like global, tech, fashion and other important topics to choose the podcasts. It also allows to connect to social networks and share to them. News Beat Radio mostly downloads all the podcasts in the morning while you are at home and then you can listen to them even you are offline.

News Beat app is available for free and subscription, in free service you are limited to very few podcasts and you can listen to unlimited podcasts if you choose a monthly subscription.

What is your favorite way of being updated with daily news? Do you like news aggregate apps or news from a single publisher? What time do you prefer to read your daily dose of news? Please share with us in the comment section.