In this twenty first century, with the development of science and technology, the world has been brought to our fingertips. We lead a different life style from the one that our ancestors used to lead. Our life has got more stress free and cozy in nature. With the entertainment reaching its peak in these days, music has formed a formidable bond with our heart. For some, music has formed to be an integral part of their life. Music has become the passion for our generation. With earphones plucked into the ears, the music lovers always pass their leisure hours by listening to music. Listening to music has become a trend in these days.

Owing to the smart phones and Apple phones, we now enjoy the luxury of having handful of options in our life. The technology has helped in shaping our lives a great deal. The most popular smart phone is the Apple, which has been ruling the mobile market for some years now. With its enormous and fabulous functions and service, it aces the chart among other companies in the list. To give your life a soothing touch and pleasant sensation, music is a must for each and every one. Listening to music will take you into a completely different world where you will feel relaxed and get absorbed in your own thoughts. Music helps in increasing the concentration power as well as the memorizing ability.

With time taking a say, the music lovers are increasing day in and day out. Now for every iPhone users, they prefer the free music apps for iPhone, which will be the best in business. So you should have the knowledge about the best iPhonemusic apps which will give you the ultimate satisfaction of a passionate music lover. So, the list of the best iPhone music apps goes like this.

#1. Pandora:

Well, this music app is one of the best free music apps for iPhone. It gives you the chance to customize your own radio station and enjoy the music according to your choice. After you have customized the songs, you can set your preference order that which will song will be followed by what item. The app being completely free helps you to enjoy the services even more. With great interface and easy controls, the app is one of the best iPhone music apps. This entire world of music will let you slip into another world. You just to create a free account to access all the services for absolutely free.


This amazing app comes with some exceptional features, which are really pleasing to the users. Being able to customize and arrange the songs according to your taste, this is one of the best iPhone music apps. It is the best to listen to the soulful or rock music. Set up your own music library in one of the best music apps for iPhone. With personalized suggestions and personalized playlist, this app is surely going to mesmerize you. Listen to huge collection of songs at any time even if you are offline.


It is the most famous music app in the whole world. It has some stunning features, which will leave you amazed. This is one of the free music apps for iPhone. The microphone of your earphone will identify your song being played. Wherever you are and whatever song you get to hear at anytime and anywhere, just start the app and will let you know the song with all the details. Shazam is there to take care of the song while you enjoy the music. The app will automatically create a history page of the songs that you have tagged. It is an essential app in your iPhone.


With access to over two million podcasts, this app is certainly an amazing free music app for iPhone. There are uncountable music numbers along with talk radio and podcasts on every possible subjects. This makes TuneIn Radio app one of the best music apps for iPhone. The app has some significant features like you can pause the live radio and can easily listen to them whenever you get the chance. This free music app for iPhone is the best in business for all this. Wherever you go, you can listen to TuneIn Radio at any time.


This is basically a streaming music app which but it serves to be the best for the various purposes. After you have downloaded this wonderful app, this app will help you search your favorites on the basis of your youtube videos. No need to worry about the storage, the music will still go on in the background. Search for any artists or songs and you will get everything here. Certainly, this is one of the best music apps for iPhone.


Well, this app may have arrived a bit late into the party but now holds the ace position for streaming for absolutely free. This app allows to enjoy some significant services like gaining access to the cloud library and also you can upload any songs if you want to. You can create your own personalized playlist and custom your music library according to your mood swing.

#7. VEVO:

This free music app for iPhone offers some exclusive features for the passionate music lovers. It offers a wide range of musical videos within the app. You can simply browse through the latest collections and enjoy the stuff. You can handpick the items and listen at your own will.


With this app, you can listen to the music numbers to your heart’s content. Just type your favorite song or artists and you would get to listen to all the music you love. The latest albums are all enlisted in this app, so you need not worry about your finding the latest songs and stuffs.


The app is a storehouse for the extremely distinguished musicians as well the popular bands from all over the world. It gives you the chance to let you enjoy the music in your own style. You can follow or listen to the music according to your taste. What is amazing in this app is that you can even record your favorite song and listen later as many times you want. There is an Explore section, which is really enchanting.

#10. TIDAL:

The Tidal app holds the key for the extremely intense music lovers. The app has a collection of more than 20 million tracks collected from all over the world. Don’t worry, you can listen to them offline too whenever you want.  There is a mode for videos, which you can easily enjoy if you want to. With lots of suggestions, this is one of the best music apps for iPhone.

Music has been part and parcel for our life for quite some time now. With so much to offer, music has created a bond with our heart and soul. It soothes us and also helps to overcome any type of situation in life. With lots of music and albums being released every day, people now have the luxury of choosing their own favorite artists or bands. Music has some additional function and advantages in our life. Study says that those who are ardent listeners of music have a sharp memory power and also it helps to focus on any kinds of mental work.

Without music, there can be no party, occasion or any other social gathering. So it has taken the ultimate platform to reach out to hearts of the people from toddlers to the grey beads with its soulful and touching presence. So, you should play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain and rewind the happiness.

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