Apple iOS is the primary operating system of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Kindle fire. As our time filler, we like to spend our time playing games, watching soaps, listening to movies etc. And what’s better than iPod or iPhone for an excellent gaming experience at the cost of few bucks or even free games for iPhone.

List of Best iPhone games:

#1. Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Quite a relief from the dull racing games on the grey tracks; this provides a touch of reality with its luxurious cars zooming past roads in various countries, performing stunts etc. All the while, you have to aim to reach the chequered flag defeating your competitors and earning stars. Three stars for first place, two for second and one for third. Apart from winning the race, there are many secondary objectives to be achieved. The player is given four options “Tilt to steer”, “Tilt and icons”, “On-screen controls” and “Tap to steer”.  These are either on-screen options or controlled by tilting the handset. Some events are there which are locked and require buying expensive cars to unlock them. “Airborne” features more ramps meant for jumping than its predecessors. It has been downloaded by 200 million players worldwide and consumes a space of 1.35 GB. Developed  by Gameplay, this is one of the best free iPhone games of all time.

#2. Candy Crush Soda Saga:

It’s sodalicious. It’s one of the best free iPhone games on the ITunes store but you might be forced to hit the replay button and do some micro transactions. It’s fun, frolic, addictive and frustrating. It’s so addictive that you won’t realize how quickly time flies as you are busy arranging the colorful candies and bursting them. There are hundreds of levels with chocolate, white chocolate, bubblegum etc. Join Kimmy in her puzzle adventure to find Tiffi. It is one of the best delectable games for iPhone. Developed by King, it consumes 87.3 MB of space.

#3. Temple Run 2:

It is one of the infinite running adventure games for iPhone through the mountains, waterfall, mines and forests. After the successful debut of its predecessor Temple run, it was published and developed by Imangi studios in 2013. Navigation features are same as its predecessor by screen touch and tilting of handset to run, slide and jump obstacles. Earn more coins by completing secondary challenges and earning the special prizes. Collect as much diamond you can, as they are lifesavers and also help you to buy special powers. As of 2016, there are fifteen characters to choose from viz. Usain Bolt, Santa Claus, Bruce Lee etc. This free game for iPhone has been downloaded more than 1 billion times worldwide and consumes 93.4 MB of memory space.

#4. Subway Surfers:

It is also an endless running game through the rail tracks, atop the trains and stations, overhead wires while overcoming the obstacles and collecting coins and special powers. Here a teenager upon being caught applying graffiti to the train is chased by an inspector and his dog. Jump onto this fantasy journey in various world cities and changing attires of the characters in accordance with the localized fashion. If you stumble upon any obstacles, you will be caught by the inspector and the game ends there. Jake is the only default character, other colorful characters are locked. Developed by Kiloo, it consumes 95.3 MB of space and is one of the profitable games for iPhone.

#5. Plants vs. Zombies 2:

Sequel to the smash hit action strategy game Plants vs. Zombies, it has won over 30 awards worldwide. Unlike its predecessor, it’s one of the free games for iPhone and supports in-app purchases for purchasing coins to buy special powers. The game starts from ancient Egypt and then goes through various levels unlocking each new plant having special abilities. From dawn to dusk, player has to concentrate on killing the zombies. At the end of each new world, there is a zomboss endowed with superpowers and you have to defeat him for moving to next level in a different country. Developed by Poopcap, it consumes 76 MB of space.

#6. Pac-man 256:

In the original Pac-man, there was a glitch in the 256th level and one couldn’t go past that level. Beyond that glitch in Pac-man 256, it’s an endless maze for yellow dot muncher and he has to traverse through it avoiding the ghosts and eating power pellets, which will turn the ghosts blue, and he can gobble the ghosts then earning extra points. There are amazing power ups from laser, tornado to giant for overpowering the ghosts in this sequel. Developed by Bandai Namco , this free games for iPhone consumes 88.1 MB of space and is one of the best game apps for iPhone.

#7. Clash of Clans:

It’s an online multiplayer game, where players build clans, train troops and then attacks other clans to earn gold, elixir and dark elixir for building defense of its own community from other player’s attacks. Raise your own army of barbarians, archers, wizards and dragons to attack other players worldwide and devious goblins in epic clan wars and defend your village using mortars, towers, walls and traps. It is one of the best free iPhone games and there are certain in-app purchases too. In 2015, it is the top grossing app on app store earning millions of dollars each day. Developed by Supercell, this fantasy violence game consumes 65.7 MB of space.

#8. Angry Birds:

This is a paid game and is amongst the best iPhone games worldwide. The greedy pigs have stolen the eggs and so the survival of the birds is at stake. Each bird has special power to break into the defenses of the greedy pig and kill them. If you are stuck into the game at any level, purchase the mighty eagle. It has the power to destroy pigs fortress however it can be used only once per hour. The popularity of this top iPhone games has been made into a television series and also a film apart from merchandises. Developed by Rovio entertainment, it is one of the best game apps for iPhone and consumes 74.3 MB of space.

#9. Cut the Rope:

The frog om-nom has to be fed the candy by cutting the rope and using various objects such as bubbles and bellows. Levels are scored from zero to three stars rating depending on the time taken to complete the level and the number of stars collected in the process of passing the candy to its mouth. Each of the 175 level takes place inside a box, and 7 of these levels can be accessed for free Developed by Zeptolab, this puzzle video game consumes 49.7 MB of space and is one of the top free iPhone games.

#10. Space Age: A Cosmic Adventure:

With a brilliant storyline and awesome soundtrack, it is one of the best iPhone games. The stages are short and accessible and requires controlling more than one character at each level. Set in 90’s, directly out from an episode of doctor Who, it follows the journey of a group of explorers on a mission in Kepler 16- an earth like planet and discovers that it’s both strange and familiar. Developed by big bucket software, it consumes 76.4 MB of space and is a paid game.

Choosing the best game apps for iPhone can be a bit tricky with thousands of them in the apple store and thus we have come up with a list of 10 top iPhone games, which will cater to people from 8 to 80.

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