Apps to download music to iPhone

Free Music Download Apps for iPhone 2016

Best Music downloding apps for iphone 2016

Music is a medicine which relieves you from your stressful day and makes you forget all the hectic work you had done. Music apps will also help you to be more healthy similar to Yoga and Meditation apps

Finding music has never been such an easy task than ever before with many apps available to stream your favorite music and billions of playlists available to choose from. Many apps are available for free to stream music on the App Store and listen to your favorites forever. Many apps have features to download music on to your iPhone and listen to them offline.

We are providing you the Best Free Music Download Apps for iPhone with many features like easy to use user interface, social integration, offline listening and with many more unique and creative features in the App Store.

Best Free Music Download Apps

#1 SoundCloud:

SoundCloud is basically a social network for music where you can add friends and interact with creators. Anyone can upload their creations and get reviews and followers, and it had many other features which are available only on sound cloud.

Even though app lacks some of the websites features it very easy to use user interface, multiple accounts, and many social network functions.

SoundCloud is entirely free to use, and anyone can download songs and music to his or her iPhone and listen offline with ads playing in between. If you are not comfortable with ads you can choose a paid subscription worth 12$.

SoundCloud is the best free music download app available for iPhone to listen to music forever.

#2 Spotify:

Spotify is having a catalog of 25 million+ in its databases is one of the top free music streaming apps for iPhone. It also had a premium service for 12.99$ per month and available for a 7-day free trail for iPhone users.

Even though users can listen to music forever, they need to get a premium service to download songs to listen in offline mode and to remove ads in the app.

With a rating of 4.5 in iTunes from 7 lakhs+ users, Spotify is one of the best music downloaders for iPhone.

#3 Pocket Tube:

Pocket Tube is yet another apps to download music for your iPhone but with quite unique features.

This app can play YouTube videos as both music and video, they can play with shuffle, continuous and background. It had a good interface to arrange songs and albums in the app.It can store up to 15 tracks for offline usage and to add new videos you can either you can delete the video and replace with new one or pay a premium of 3$ to add unlimited tracks.

Pocket Tube is one best app for music download for your iPhone if you cannot afford to pay.


#4 Amazon Prime Music:

Amazon Prime had a subscriber base of 54 million in United States which is almost one among every two households in the US.

With a subscription price of 100$ a year, Amazon Prime provides access to movies, TV-shows, unlimited photo storage, all the Kindle books and now it provides access to a million plus songs with its Amazon Music.

Amazon Prime Music had the option to download the songs or playlists directly to the app and sync with iTunes Player and listen offline whenever you need. It is one best app to download music for iPhone if you are already a Prime subscriber.

#5 Google Play Music:

Google Play Music is another music downloader app available for both Android and iOS devices. Play music has YouTube integration which is a useful feature for streaming videos.

The company does not publish catalog figures, but it had almost all the tracks available in its competitors like Pandora and Spotify which are having 20 million+ songs in their catalogs.

The free version of Play Music is supported by ads and users can opt for subscription package of 9.99$ which also gives access to YouTube Red. It also allows you to download music to the device for offline usage.

Play Music is one among best music download app for iPhone with a massive catalog and many unique features.

#6 Apple Music App:

Apple Music App is a default music app for every iOS device, is another free music download the app but for a limited period of 3 months which is a trial offer for new subscribers.

Apple is quite late into the subscription model for music, but it had huge followers and 30 million strong library. With this subscription user will be able to use Apple music among all their Apple devices.

Users can download the songs and playlists to their devices and iCloud which enables them to listen offline. It is one best free music download app for iPhone for interrupted playback of music.

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#7 Groove:

Groove is another app similar to Apple Music and Google Play Music but this time it is from the Microsoft with 40 million+ songs in its catalog which makes it one of the best music downloading the app for iPhone. Groove catalog is also largest among known catalogs of famous music streaming apps in the App Store.

It also allows users to upload to OneDrive and access the songs across all its devices from mobiles to Xbox.

Even though Groove allows to download songs and playlists to listen offline it is a subscription based service and not have a free option. It is having a one-month trial offer for anyone downloading for the first time.

Within less than two decades listening to music had come down from a privilege to necessity, with the advent of iPod which was released in 2001 everyone can carry thousands of songs in their pocket which is a drastic change from a handful of songs in their Sony Walkman.

From such enormous revolution now music industry had been more affordable and less complicated to use. Many passionate musicians are now able to collaborate, communicate and share their works with the world more easily.

These are our Best Music Download Apps for iPhone with many unique and cool features.

Do you think there is any other app which can add value to our list? Please use our comment section to inform us.