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Growing in first decade of Twenty first century was exciting, being an engineering graduate Gadgets was my first love & so also world wide web fascinated me.


As soon as I finished Education. I jumped into software development venture, it couldn’t have been more perfect than starting my first business venture in company of friends.


As it happens with all the start up’s, initial years were hard work and more hard work along with test of patience and attitude.


Alongside, whenever I got free time I realized my passion for writing things, explaining phenomenon. I started to put it on web so I started writing blog on my first portal Lake of Articles, it soon became popular among friends.


 In year 2014 I realized my dream of being proud owner of iPhone. After my one year experience with iPhone, I realized people around and my friends aren’t finding iPhone very user friendly in terms of its use in business purposes or found interaction of iPhone very limited to Apple Gadgets only. Being an iPhone user I felt the need share my tech knowledge combined with my personal experience to help out all with queries for iPhone apps.


So here I am with http://www.iphoneoz.com/.


For all those searching and querying for iPhone apps, I would be more than happy to help you.


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